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How to Get Youthful Skin

Veethi Telang
No secrets. No tips. No advice. Youthful skin can be yours even without them. Here's how...
Nope. It's just impossible for the green-eyed monster in me to sleep for long. It wakes up at the wrongest of instances―especially when I'm savoring the view of those ageless beauties in a magazine. It is then that my blood boils and heart melts to see those women never age. My skin, it works its own way. With its own mind. I ran a gamut of face creams that really worked―on my wallet. They were good. However, not good enough to manipulate my skin to accept them.
Makes me wonder, how dim-witted can us, the consumers, be. It takes less than a jiffy for those quintessential advertisements on the tube to bamboozle us with their hundred percent working skin products, and we? We, given a chance, would turn the world upside down to own one of those beauty products, for the sake of that much-desired youthful skin.
 I'm not in the correct place to wonder what caused you to lose that tenderness your skin once had, but yes, there's one thing I need to state right at the onset, that if you don't listen to your skin, it will not listen to you. End of story.

The Truth about Youthful Skin

I promised. I'd not carry out any expert-advice, youthful skin tips-and-tricks, and points-to-be-noted session. In other words, it would be a pity to beguile you readers with false notions and practicality about the secrets to youthfulness, like many others have done, and still do.
Today, when I just chanced upon putting words to life over natural skin care, I decided that this one would have words and concepts of my own choice, and not the ones that are typically expected out of pieces of writing shelling out details and secrets about how to get youthful skin in the nick of time, and most importantly, without breaking the bank.
Youthful skin is not that easy to gain. You know the upper-most layer of your skin started sagging. Stress surfaced. Depression kicked up a notch. And the worst thing is, it all shows in your eyes. Heard it somewhere, the junk you've consumed in your teenage shows its adverse effects after teenage.
Perhaps, every woman, right from her early twenties, starts losing that youthfulness, and proceeds towards a darker phase of life, where her skin starts becoming drier, cells do not get repaired that frequently, bad diet hovers, and dark-circles under eyes make her look much more exhausted than she actually is.
It won't come as a surprise to me if you marveled I was recounting your chronicles, while I stand pat about the fact that, in no way, can there be a woman, well above twenty-two years of age, who is not a dupe of age spots.
In my view, the truth is, when the miscellany of those too-hard-to-ignore skin care products in a reputed cosmetic store straightaway hit your sanity, you become nothing but a junkie to the same.
 In hope for a better skin, you use a variety of skin products, and when it doesn't show you the desired results, you end up buying the same product, this time under a different brand name. And it goes on and on, till you're tired of your own skin, and, now, want to get rid of it.

Can I Get Youthful Skin Naturally?

Youthfulness can be gained back. It, in no way, is an impossible thing to do. However, some terms and conditions are what you need to follow. You may have an array of pins and needles in life to deal with, but you need to realize that it is these pins and needles that are drilling hard into your skin's texture.
It might sound just too clichéd, but you need to lessen the balls and chains of life (actually, it sucked!). You need to stay happy and not keep complaining about your age. Yes, you might have hit thirty last month, so? Did that steal from you the right to stay beautiful and full of youth? I don't think so.
I know not what healthy eating habits you have. However, I do know what you can eat to keep your skin happy. Vegetables and fruits are a must for your skin. Dare not think that since aging is irreversible and you are not capable of reversing the signs, it is okay to end up consuming good amounts of alcohol and stuff that is all but beneficial for your skin. Yeah, don't smoke too, if you have a habit of smoking a lot. Otherwise, do not blame your skin for losing all its youthfulness and charm.
Your skin is, now, habitual of your routine. You know you don't have the same tenderness you once had. The tightness your cheeks had. The immaculate texture your skin was proud of. It has all been replaced by fine lines and wrinkles, blemishes, and sags.
Woman, it's heart-rending to say, but you are no more in a state to experiment with your skin now. In fact, if you were to ask me, I'd say, the present state of your skin is a result of the endless experiments you did on your skin, while it was sane.
 Of course, I do not contradict the natural phenomenon of aging that your skin undergoes. However, now, when your skin pleads for help, it's time to listen to it patiently, and act wise. Simple as that.
Protection from sun by using a sunscreen, drinking lots of water, getting good amount of sleep, and limited experimenting. Everything sounds just as you expected. Everybody says so, and I don't doubt you never knew all this before you read it here. However, why not start doing it, instead?
 When you know there isn't any other cure to those wrinkles and dullness your skin has to face, why not get started right now? This is the answer. No matter how much you vouch for those inane beauty products that are nothing but a misrepresentation of beauty.
Youthful skin is not a matter of choice. You cannot gain it back in a jiffy, by using some expensive cosmetic products, without experiencing their side-effects. Instead, youth is what you need to bring out from within. A woman is the age she deserves and feels.
This type of skin care might not fetch you instant results. But you should know that it's never too late, and you're never too old. To shield your skin. To gain that youthfulness back. To fall in love with that woman you see in the mirror. Yet again.