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Wrinkles around the Mouth

Rashida Khilawala
Wrinkles seen around the mouth is a common complaint of many people. So, if you are facing it as well, you are not alone. Let's find out how to get rid of this problem.
Aging gracefully can become fairly difficult in the presence of wrinkles, especially those around the mouth. Are you going through this ordeal? Well, you are not alone. Wrinkles are normal when you are aging.
Wrinkles are caused due to lesser elasticity of the skin as a result of aging. Frowning is a major culprit for causing wrinkles as well.
The more you smile, the lesser wrinkles you will have. By that, I don't mean that you keep smiling like an insane person, but make sure that you smile more than you frown. Staying happy has great effects on the skin.
If you already have the darned wrinkles around your mouth, how will you get rid of them? Before anything else, here is a disclaimer―it may not make you look like a perky 22-year-old, but it will surely take a few years off your face as well as a few of the wrinkles around your lips. You could try your hand at some anti-aging creams to help you out as well.

Home Remedies

Protect your self from the sun. The sun has the ability to make beautiful women age faster. Use sun block containing zinc oxide to reduce the wrinkles close to the mouth. Regular and timely sun protection can also help remove wrinkles.
Consuming adequate amount of vitamin C and lots of fruits and vegetables will help keep the skin healthy and elastic for longer. Keep up the protein intake as well. A regular workout will help avoid gaining weight and keep the skin toned.
Omega 3 fish oil is also a great way to maintain gorgeous skin. It is true. Capsules containing omega 3 fish oil are available over the counter, It should help keep the skin looking younger for longer.
Another tiny advice―keep your skin moisturized all the time. Use eye gel and bi-weekly cleansing and hydrating masks. They help keep the complexion pretty much flawless.

Laser Treatment

If you are one of the impatient lot, then laser treatment will be a good option to get rid of the wrinkles seen around the mouth. The benefit of laser treatment is that, even deep wrinkles can be gotten rid of at the earliest. As compared to home remedies, laser treatment takes very less time to have an effect.
Home remedies would easily take a few months to show positive results, as well as help with skin care, whereas, laser treatment will take around 2 to 3 weeks. The results are mostly guaranteed, and the side effects are minimum.
Botox is another option that one could try to get fuller and better lips. There are many more anti wrinkle skin care products that could be of help, as well.
Wrinkles are more than just cosmetic problems. They often affect an individual's self-confidence as well. More so, in case of smokers, wrinkling of the skin around the mouth area happens earlier due to more susceptibility to having dry skin. Hence, if you are a smoker and the wrinkles haven't surfaced yet, start taking precautionary measures now.
Keep your lips and upper lips moisturized. Smile more often, laughter will work too. Even if you are not a smoker, taking measures to avoid wrinkles of any kind,at an early stage is the best way to steer clear from all the anxiety associated with them.
The worst of it is, that anxiety fastens the wrinkling process. Regular facial stretches and exercises, and a healthy balanced lifestyle, could go a long way in keeping you looking youthful for longer.