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Women's Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

Bidisha Mukherjee
Women's hairstyles for thinning hair should suit the style and facial shape of the person, and at the same time they should be able to hide the thinning spots. Read on to find out what are the right hairstyles for a thinning mane.
Thinning hair is a common problem that millions of women are facing today. The texture is not only thin and wispy, but it also becomes limp and flat very often. Therefore, the ideal hairstyles are those that can add some volume. It is also important that the hairstyles are comfortable and look fashionable too.

Hairstyles for Thinning Hair

The best hairstyles for women having thin tresses are those in which the length of the hair is either short or medium. The main reason why you should not opt for long haircuts is that lit often puts extra weight on the roots of the hair, which may weaken them and lead to more hair loss.


This is one haircut that can give you a timeless and classic look. The chin-length bob with blunt bangs has an appeal of its own. For this reason, it is the most popular hairstyle for people with thinning hair.
The biggest advantage of a bob is that it is suitable for all facial shapes and for any hair color. It gives a solid shape to the mane, which can be maintained for a long time without the use of any styling products. And that is why, the chances of hair damage are lessened to a great extent.

Short hairstyles

When you have thinning tresses, most of the hairstylists would advise you to cut it short. This is because short haircuts help put the focus on various facial features, like the neck or the chin, and not on your hair.
It also makes the thin tresses look slightly thicker. This can be achieved by keeping the length of the top layers of the hair longer as compared to the lower layers. This way, you can add depth and texture to your mane. These haircuts require a lot of precision, and hence, they should be done by an expert only.

Layered Haircut

If you think that short haircuts cannot give you the feminine look that medium haircuts do, then opt for a layered cut, the versatility of which is truly unmatched. Here, the strands of hair are of varying lengths. So, thin hair looks voluminous.
The overall length of the hair should not go beyond the shoulders. If you keep the length longer, then the volume created by the layers will not be visible. Keep maximum number of layers at the back and just a few should be kept in the front. Layered cut looks more beautiful if you have curly hair.


Haircut with a side-swept bang is another excellent way of adding volume to your thinning mane. It is helpful in covering up the thinning spots of the temple area.
Straight bangs falling on the forehead can also serve the purpose of covering up thinning spots on the head. However, if you have a thinning spot at the crown of your head, then straight bangs will not be the right option for you.
You can select any of the hairstyles that have been discussed here according to your choice. However, one more thing that is very important for thinning hair is the parting. Side or zigzag parting is ideal in such cases, as the hair at the crown is raised due to these types of partings, and the thinning hair at the top is successfully hidden as a result.
Thinning hair has a tendency to get split ends very frequently, so to maintain your hairstyle, you have to visit your salon at least once in two months.