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Stylish Wigs for Black Women

Smita Pandit
Women affected by pattern baldness often consider wearing wigs to hide the bald spots or patches of thinning hair. Here are some types of wigs that African-American women can opt for, and things to consider while buying one.
Female pattern baldness is certainly a cause of cosmetic concern. The presence of bald patches can definitely affect one's facial beauty; women who are grappling with this problem often tend to feel depressed.
Well, there is no need for you to feel dejected, you can always use hair extensions, wigs, or hairpieces to conceal the bald spots.
African-American women are susceptible to traction alopecia, which is gradual hair loss that occurs due to a persistent tension or pulling force on the roots or follicles due to styling hair in tight braids or cornrows.
If there are visible signs of hair loss, one can wear a pre-styled wig made from synthetic or human hair. Various types of wigs are available, all you need to do is look for one that suits your needs.

Types of Wigs

First of all, look for a natural looking wig that has the texture, style, and color that flatters your face shape. Though the ones made from synthetic hair are cheaper, it would be better to opt for the ones that are made from real hair.
You can buy a pre-styled wig that will help you get a new look. You can check out the designer wigs by Beverly Johnson, Motown Tress, Bobbi Boss, and Zury.
You can check out the standard cap construction, where hair is attached onto the cap or the base of the wig, or the ones that are capless. The best option is to go for monofilament wigs.
These are very popular as the fabric or gauze that is used for attaching the hair is light and transparent. It prevents the buildup of sweat and gives an impression of hair growing from the scalp.

Stylish Wigs for African-American Women

Pre-styled wigs with straight, wavy, or curly hair are available in different styles or sizes.
The dreadlock or curls are quite popular, the reason being that most black women are born with curly or wavy hair. However, you can also opt for straight hair.
Whether you want a stylish bob, short wavy curls, or any other African-American hairstyle, you have endless options to choose from. You just need to select a wig with the hair texture or color that blends well with your skin tone.
Make sure that the wig works well for your face shape. You can also check out falls or drawstring ponytails to add volume and length to your hair. Once you have selected the wig, make sure that you use a good quality shampoo or other hair care products to keep the wig in a good condition.
Investing in a wig is definitely a wise decision for women affected by pattern baldness, as these not only conceal bald spots, but also give you the freedom to change your look. There is no need to let these bald patches take away your confidence.
All you need to do is buy a good quality wig that is styled in a style of your choice. Though you could go in for hair transplant, using pre-styled wigs is definitely a cheaper alternative.