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Whiteheads on the Nose

Suvamita Ghosh
Whiteheads that appear on the nose are a form of acne that occur in both men and women. The condition flares up for a certain period, might be painful but disappears on its own. This information presents natural ways to reduce or eliminate the problem.
Whiteheads, also known as closed comedones, occur due to excess production of sebum or oil which gets accumulated in skin pores. These are mostly seen in the nose area, forehead, chin and also under the eyes. This part of the face which is susceptible to whiteheads is commonly known as 'T-zone'.
Whiteheads appear as white spots or bumps filled with greasy material. Oxidation of sebum doesn't take place in a closed comedo, hence, the color remains white. In a blackhead or open comedones the oxidation does happen.
A healthy food diet and daily skin care routine can help prevent whiteheads. One may get affected by acne and comedones due to hormonal changes. Women can take dietary supplements, like evening primrose oil, which helps balance the hormones in the body.
Closed comedones can occur at any age but are most commonly seen in teenagers. Here's a look at the home remedies to help you cure the problem of whiteheads.

Methods to Try at Home

Homemade Cleansing Lotion

Prepare a cleansing lotion by taking 50 ml of raw milk and a pinch of salt, along with two teaspoonful of lime juice. Apply it over the nose area, keep for few minutes and then remove it with a wet cotton ball. This helps to clean the grease inside the pores.


You can also make a paste of fenugreek leaves and apply the paste over the nose. Keep it for 15-20 minutes, and let it dry completely. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Regular use of this paste helps prevent closed comedones from appearing on your nose.

Sandalwood and Rose Water

A pack of sandalwood paste mixed in rose water is also beneficial in treating whiteheads on nose. Apply this paste on the affected area and keep it for half an hour. Wash your nose with warm water and pat dry. We all know that sandalwood and rose water are known for their soothing and calming properties.

Pomegranate and Lime Juice

Make a paste of powdered pomegranate and add one or two teaspoonful of lime juice. Apply over the affected area. Keep it for sometime and rinse off with cold water. This acts as a good scrub.


Light steaming is very effective in opening up the pores of the skin and dislodging closed comedones. Take a baby soap and gently rub it over the affected area; you can also add a pinch of table salt for scrubbing the affected area.


Apply a small amount of toothpaste on the affected area and leave it overnight. It helps in sucking out all the pus and fluid from the whitehead. Baking soda can also be used as an alternative to the toothpaste.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties which is beneficial in treating the comedones. It is also easily absorbed by the skin. As this essential oil is very strong, it might have few side effects if your skin is delicate.
There are different types of blackhead and whitehead removal tools available in the market which also can be used. Make sure you follow the proper steps mentioned in the catalog while using the removal tool. If mishandled, it might leave a scar.
You can use skin products containing witch hazel as one of the ingredients. Do not forget to remove your makeup before going to bed. Application of a toner followed by a good moisturizer is necessary as a daily skin care regime.
Whatever skin products you use, make sure they are suitable for your skin type. Avoid products that contain harmful chemicals. Apart from using the aforementioned remedies, the most important of all is, to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day.
Disclaimer: This content is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.