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Whiteheads on the Chin

Bidisha Mukherjee
Whitehead eruptions on the chin are easily noticeable, making them a cause of worry for girls everywhere. Read this story to gather some information on the causes and treatment of whiteheads on the chin and around the mouth area.
Whiteheads can be described as a tiny, white bumps that appear on the skin surface. It is a form of acne and is often referred to as closed comedones. It can affect people of all age groups, but, it is the adolescents who get frustrated with this problem as they are very conscious about their looks. Whiteheads are commonly found on the chin, nose, and forehead; as these areas are comparatively oilier.

Causes of Whiteheads on Chin

Basically, whiteheads break out when our body tries to fight against a bacterial attack on the facial skin. Sebum is an oily substance released by sebaceous glands to keep our skin and hair lubricated. When there is an overproduction of sebum, it tends to clog up the facial skin pores completely.
Presence of dead skin cells inside the pores worsens the condition further as it becomes an ideal breeding ground for the harmful bacteria. Our body then sends white blood cells to the infected part of the skin to fight out the bacteria. This results in inflammation and reddening of the skin. Thus whiteheads are formed.
»Hormonal changes and spicy and sugary foods in addition to cosmetics can be responsible for increase in sebum production.
»Those who do not clean their face regularly, especially after wearing makeup are prone to this problem.
»Too much of skin exfoliation can cause whiteheads as the dead skin cells block the hair follicles even more.
»Often, shaving causes excessive dryness of the skin. This triggers the eruption of whiteheads.

Getting Rid of It

The best treatment for whiteheads is a good facial skin care regime. For this, the following aspects have to be taken into account.
»Wash your face with a mild facial cleanser twice a day, and not more than that. Do not use any harsh soap for the face as it will make the skin dry and increase sebum production. The ideal facial cleanser for whiteheads is one which contains salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy acids. These ingredients play a vital role in unclogging the blocked facial skin pores.
»After cleansing the skin, make sure that you use toner. It eliminates any dirt residues and shrinks the size of the pores. This should be followed by application of a good quality moisturizer to make the skin soft and supple.
»Skin exfoliation should be done twice or thrice a week. It removes the dead skin cells and promotes growth of healthy cells. While exfoliating, just take care that you do not scrub your facial skin too hard. The skin should be moisturized properly even after exfoliation.
»Steaming the face is an effective method for whitehead removal. It makes the skin around the whiteheads loose, enlarges the pores and eliminates bacteria and other toxins present inside them. Weekly steaming is a must to get rid of whiteheads.
»An ointment with benzoyl peroxide content can be applied directly on the whiteheads. It destroys the bacteria that cause the whiteheads. However, such products should not be overused as they make the skin dry.
»Using blotting paper while on the move is a simple but effective method to fight acne. Patting your face with blotting paper helps to absorb the excess oil and to give your face a clear look.
»Lastly, do not forget to remove all the makeup before going to bed. If you do not clean your face properly, it will block the facial skin pores. Next morning, you will discover that the condition of your whiteheads has worsened further.
You may feel a strong urge to squeeze the small whiteheads on the chin with your fingers, but, it is mandatory to refrain from doing so. If you want to pop them, then follow the right technique.
»Firstly, compress the chin with a warm, damp washcloth.
»Clean your hands with antibacterial soap, cover your fingers with facial tissue and then apply pressure on the whitehead from both sides so that it bursts.
»The fingers are wrapped up in order to ensure that the nails do not come in contact with the skin and cause any damage to it.
»Finally, apply a generous amount of antibacterial cream over the affected area.
Prevention is better than cure. And nothing fights skin problems better than a healthy diet. Include lots of fruits and green vegetables in your diet. However, if you need a quick fix before a big date or prom night, a concealer is your best friend. Just cover up the whiteheads momentarily and you're good to go.