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Whiteheads on Arms

Whiteheads on arms is a condition that could be caused due to numerous reasons and may turn to be quite painful. The following story will tell you all about the condition and why it happens.
Rujuta Borkar
Whiteheads is a term that is used quite commonly when we talk about skin problems. Whiteheads come about when the pores of the skin are completely blocked and therefore the oil or the sebum cannot escape. As a result, the oil, sebum, bacteria, and dead skin cells get trapped under the skin surface and can cause whiteheads.
Whiteheads might appear anywhere on the body―with the face being the most common surface of formation. In the following article though, we will get into the details of what causes whiteheads on arms and what are some ways of getting rid of the same.


There are several conditions in which large or small whiteheads may appear on arms and legs. It is a clear indicator that something is not right. Sometimes, these whiteheads can be painful to touch and therefore their treatment becomes imperative. What causes these?

Improper Skin Care

Proper skin care is essential when it comes to effective maintenance of skin health and in keeping all the skin problems at bay.
If a proper regime of cleaning, toning, and moisturizing is not followed, it leads to the accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells on the surface of the skin thus blocking the pores and causing the oil to gather and leading to the formation of whiteheads.

Lifestyle Choices

The type of food we consume also has an effect on the condition of the body and skin. Foods that are spicy and oily are difficult to digest and therefore cause the blockage of arteries, veins, and pores and lead to the formation of whiteheads.

Keratosis Pilaris

There is one other reason that can lead to whiteheads and that is the onset of keratosis pilaris (KP). This is a condition that is caused when there is an excess accumulation of keratin (protein) in the hair follicles which leads to the formation of tiny bumps. These are usually painful to touch.


Whiteheads are usually treated in the same way that acne is treated because both these conditions are brought about in a similar manner. Here are some of the ways on how to remove whiteheads.
  • Keeping the skin absolutely clean is essential. Use a proper body wash that contains natural ingredients which prevent further inflammation.
  • Have a warm water bath to soften the skin and then use a skin exfoliator or a skin scrub lotion to scrub (gently) over the whiteheads. This will loosen the skin bumps and clear the skin.
  • Use a lotion on the affected and scrubbed area after drying the skin to control the inflammation further.
  • If a condition like KP has brought on the formation of whiteheads, then there needs to be proper treatment taken for the same. The treatment of which will automatically lead to the treatment.
So then if you're suffering from whiteheads on arms, you now know what are the possible causes for it and what one is to do to get rid of them.