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Which Works Better - Cream Blush or Powder Blush

Priyanka Kosta Sonkushre
So you always wanted that pink glow on your cheeks? Then why not go for a blush that will keep you glowing all day long. There are various kinds of blush available in the market. The powder blush and cream blush are most commonly used. Go through this story to find out which is better, and pick the one that suits you the most to get that rosy look!
Every woman pays attention to her appearance when she steps out of the house. We all want to look our best when there are several people looking at us. Women apply makeup to accentuate their facial features. One component of makeup is the "blush".
Blush is used to give a pink and rosy look to the cheekbones. High cheekbones always add to the beauty of a woman. Application of blush highlights the cheekbones and gives a nice look to the face.
In olden days, blushes were made up of natural fruits like strawberries and beet root. Then, a time had come, when metals like lead and mercury were used to make blushes. These metals proved to be harmful to the sensitive human skin. To avoid harm to the skin of the users, such metals were stopped from being used to make blushes.
Nowadays, cosmetic manufacturing companies have become more careful in avoiding the use of substances that would prove harmful to the skin. Talcum powder and cold creams are used as base in blushes available today. These substances are not harmful to the skin in any way.
Applying blush is also a makeup art. One must know how to apply blush properly so as to get that perfect look.

Cream Blush

These blushes are of creamy texture. They generally have cold cream as a base. The color is imparted to the blush using dyes that form uniform mixture with the cream base. This kind of blush was brought into the market after powder blush. It provides intense color to the cheekbones and can be applied using fingers.
The blush should be applied using circular motion on the cheekbones for proper blending of the color. A cream blush gives a dewy look. It is best worn for evening makeup. Since it is made up of an oily base, it is best suitable for dry skin. Application of blush on oily skin will make the face look greasy.
This blush tends to attract dirt owing to its oily nature. If you are using a foundation at the beginning, avoid using this blush. A powder blush should be your choice in that case. A cream blush gives you a nice radiating look with a shiny finish.

Powder Blush

This blush is mostly used for makeup. It is suitable for most skin types except for dry skin, as this blush adds to the dryness of the face. It goes well with oily skin as the powder base prevents the oily look on the face. It has talcum powder as its base which is dyed using suitable colors to obtain the final product.
It is the most dense blush available in the market. It provides a chiseled look to the cheeks and is easy to use. It can be applied on the cheekbones using a blusher brush. If you are looking for a long-lasting color, this blush must be your choice. It is best suitable for day makeup as it is not too shiny.
It gives a natural tone to the skin, and if you are looking for a natural finish with a matte look, go and pick this one from the market.

Which One is Better?

Answer to this question would be different for different skin types. Reviews suggest that cream blush is mostly liked by women with dry skin. Its oily base helps in keeping their skin moisturized. It also spreads evenly and provides a nice finish to the cheeks.
A powder blush, on the other hand, is liked by women with oily skin. It provides a matte finish to their face and avoids imparting an oily look. It is easy to apply, but a cream blush blends well with the skin.
Both the blush types are good in some or the other way. It is for you to decide which form of blush will be most suitable for your skin type. For this, it is necessary to know your skin type. Once you are done with identifying your skin type, go ahead, buy the right blush for yourself and glow like never before!