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What is Paraffin Wax

Rutuja Jathar
Paraffin wax is a multipurpose product that is used extensively in skin and health care. Here, we will highlight its benefits. Continue reading for more details.
Paraffin wax has a lot of usefulness in the fields of aromatherapy and skin care, and is a common feature in many luxury spa treatments for extensive skin care.
It is also used for healing several health conditions like joint pain and arthritis, and is the most common product used for winter skin care. It is a chemical component with a lot of healing properties, beneficial for both, skin and health care.

The Components

Paraffin wax is scientifically classified as a powerful chemical preservative. In chemistry, the term paraffin wax is referred to a mixture of alkanes and a specific type of alkane hydrocarbon. It is found in a solid state and starts to melt at about 99 degrees Fahrenheit.
It is commonly found in white color, is odorless, waxy, and has a tasteless solid texture. Paraffin is insoluble in water and gets easily dissolved in benzene, ether and several other esters. Pure paraffin is an excellent electricity conductor. This wax has numerous everyday applications--from candles to industrial applications like making drywall.
It is also used for preserving fresh fruits and vegetables. However, when solidified, the wax becomes brittle, and hence, it is not used for making wax castings. Though it has no real taste or odor, this wax is edible.

The Uses

Paraffin wax is used for numerous purposes, as a food preservative to a beauty care product. One of the special properties of the same is that it melts on hot days and cools down during nights. This property is utilized in making some electronic devices like the Lunar Rover.
Since it is edible, it is quite notably used for coating fresh fruits and vegetables, in order to make them look glossy, shiny and also to preserve their freshness. Surprisingly, paraffin wax is also used while making candies and chocolates so that they look moist and shiny.
However, one needs to make sure that only food-grade paraffin wax is purchased in making these. In making drywall, this wax acts as a heat sink by storing the heat of the sun and releasing it during the cold night hours.

The Treatments

In many spas and beauty clinics, this wax is used as a common skin treatment product to fight against skin problems like flaky and dry skin. Usage of this wax for pedicures and manicures is a pretty common practice.
Unlike wax which is used for waxing or hair removal, paraffin wax is not sticky. Due to its oil-producing nature, this wax is easy to remove off the skin.
Since this wax has a relatively low melting point, taking a bath with this mixture will not cause any harm, like blisters or burns. A paraffin bath treatment is found effective for proper blood circulation, utmost moisture retention and a healthy glow of the skin.
Apart from the bath, paraffin hand treatment is also pretty popular for nail care and reducing the effects of certain health conditions like arthritis, bursitis, and osteoporosis. Paraffin wax is one of the most powerful, yet soothing skin moisturizers that one can use.
It is also found effective in several other skin diseases like eczema and extremely dry skin. All these benefits make it one of the most inexpensive and effective skin care products as far as dry skin care is concerned.