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What is Hot Oil Treatment

Puja Lalwani
A hot oil treatment is used to bring over processed, dry, or damaged hair back to its normal state. By following this method on a regular basis, you are bound to see effective results. Here, we discuss what this treatment entails, and what you can use to benefit from it.
Some of you who have unmanageable hair will probably benefit really well by using a hot oil treatment for hair. It is exactly as the name suggests. It refers to using warm oil to massage the scalp and into every strand of hair, and leaving it on for a specific time period before washing it off with a mild shampoo.
The effect of this treatment, when performed on a regular basis, is that it makes your hair much softer and easier to handle. This treatment is often recommended for those who have over processed hair, i.e. hair that has been damaged with the use of heavy chemicals, styling products, heating products, or hair that has been extensively colored or bleached.
It gives back the hair its lost moisture to make it lustrous and manageable once again. This treatment is extensively carried out in hair spas and salons, but it is a little expensive, particularly if you wish to have it done on a regular basis.
So, if you are one of those women who could do with some damage control but are looking for natural and inexpensive methods to do so, here's a great idea you can use.

How does a Hot Oil Treatment Work?

  • You may choose an oil of your choice to perform a hot oil treatment. These include: almond oil, olive oil, canola oil, jojoba oil, and other essential oils if you wish to. You may also combine these oils for better effects.
  • Heat the oil in a double boiler. While a lot of remedies suggest heating the oil in the microwave, it is not a good idea because it is a little difficult to control temperatures with a microwave. To heat oil in a double boiler, first heat a little water in a sauce pan. Pour the oil of your choice in a bowl and place this bowl in the water. 
The bowl should not touch the base of the pan. Allow the oil to warm (not heat) up. Remove the oil from the pan.
  • Comb your hair with a wide-toothed comb to detangle it thoroughly.
  • Sit comfortably and check that the temperature of the oil is bearable. Dip your fingers in the oil, and start rubbing them on your scalp in a circular motion. Cover your entire scalp in this manner.
  • Once you are done with your scalp, gently apply the oil to your hair, making sure that each strand of hair is covered with the oil, from root to tip. You may use a wide toothed comb to comb your hair after you are done so that the oil spreads all over it evenly.
  • Take a shower cap and cover your hair and head with it. Allow your hair to remain covered for at least a half hour before you go ahead and wash it.
  • Wash your hair with a gentle shampoo and allow it to dry naturally.
This remedy should be followed at least twice a week initially to bring your hair back to its normal state, and then once every week to maintain the condition of your hair.

Recipes for Hot Oil Treatments

While you may use a simple method of using just any one of the aforementioned oils for your hot oil hair treatment, there are several recipes by which you can make a combination of various oils and herbs to make the treatment a little more effective. Some combinations have been mentioned here.
  • Add a few sprigs of fresh rosemary to the oil while heating it. Allow it to steep in the oil till it heats. Strain the leaves before using it for your hair.
  • Combine three tablespoons of olive oil, three tablespoons of canola oil, and a few drops of jasmine essential oil and apply.
  • Mix four tablespoons of coconut oil and two tablespoons of natural honey and apply it on the scalp and hair. The coconut oil nourishes the scalp while honey conditions the hair.
  • Combining 5 tablespoons of almond oil with 3 tablespoons of olive oil will also work wonders on your hair when applied regularly.
  • Mix Combine two teaspoons of jojoba oil with two teaspoons of organic soybean oil to prepare your hot oil.
You may use whatever is convenient for your hair, and whatever you think suits it the best. By understanding and following these methods effectively, you will definitely get back those glorious locks and sport naturally beautiful hair.