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What Does Your Lipstick Shape Say About Your Personality?

Sharon Joseph
How is your lipstick shape related to your personality? It is said the shape of your lipstick can tell a lot about you. We have listed 8 different lipstick shapes, that might just define who you are.
We all love to look pretty. While some of us can do without makeup on a daily basis, there are many women who just can't go without it for one day. Lipstick is an essential makeup item, without which women feel their makeup will be incomplete.
So, for all you pretty pouts who love to pamper your lips and just cannot step out of your house without applying multiple coats of your favorite lipstick, have you ever noticed the shape of your used lipstick? Well, if you examine any of your well-used lipstick clearly, you will notice a general pattern.
They will be either flat, round or sharp-angled, and each shape could tell you a lot about your character and personality. If you are curious to know what your lipstick shape says about you, read this story.
Lipstick generally come in a particular shape and only after you have used them many times, do they tend to take the shapes as shown in the images below. So, find out how closely your personality matches up with your lipstick shape! However, this analysis will work best on used lipstick and is not applicable for lip balm and lip gloss users.
Close to Original
You are frank, honest, reserved, and well-balanced. You like to keep things in order, so your lipstick shape also tends to resemble the shape, when it was first bought. You don't like to attract attention, however, once in a while you dress up to impress and appeal the opposite sex.
You are straightforward and reliable, and make a good friend. You love challenges and enjoy life to the fullest. You are a good listener and tactfully deal with people. You are trustworthy and people often approach you for advice.
You are kind-hearted, fun-loving, and generous, for which you are loved and admired by all. You love taking care of people and enjoy cooking for your near and dear ones. You are organized and like to plan things down to the very last detail. You are extremely professional, creative, and wonderful to work with.
You don't like to be alone and enjoy being the center of attention. You are warm and friendly towards your family and friends. You are a go-getter who is not afraid to take risks. However, sometimes you may tend to be rigid or stubborn.
You are confident, ambitious, and know what is best for you. You have an outgoing personality and can easily turn a dull day into a fun day. You are choosy and consider only a few selected ones as your close friends.


You are mysterious yet innocent, are curious about things, and analyze thoroughly before making a decision. You make friends easily and quickly get emotionally attached to them. You are a passionate lover who expresses herself through romantic poems and letters.
Inward Curving on One Side
You are composed, kind, and reliable. You have an enchanting personality and individuality. You leave a strong lasting impression on others and enjoy being in the limelight. You are generally talkative and love to socialize.

Inward Curving on Both Sides

Just like your lipstick shape, your personality also tends to stand out from the rest of the crowd. You are adventurous and live life to the fullest. You have a spiritual approach to life and love to do random acts of kindness. You are a social butterfly, who enjoys attention from the opposite sex.
I hope you were able to relate to this lipstick personality test. Well, I could, and my most-used lipstick end up being flat. Let's know what does your lipstick shape say about your personality.