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What Does Your Hairstyle Say About You?

Madhushree Kelkar
Are you planning to get a new hairstyle, which will complement your personality, but do not know which to opt for? Like your clothes and attitude, your hairstyle also reflects a lot about your personality. This story will help you to understand what your hairstyle says about you.
"Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist you like." - Unknown
While it is wrong to judge a book by its cover, many people end up judging you based on your external appearance. Do you know that your personality will be communicated not only through your clothes, attitude, and accessories, but also through your hairstyle?
Yes you heard it right, people will interpret your personality based on your appearance, which also includes your hairstyle.
Each hairstyle comes with a personality of itself, which will be attributed to the person who wears it. For example, people may relate a Mohawk to a free-spirited person. Similarly, a simple boy cut may be attributed to a straight-faced personality.
This makes it all the more important to choose your hairstyle consciously, as it should not give wrong signals about the real 'you'. Here are a few tips which will enable you to know what does your hairstyle say about you, so that you can decide on it accordingly.

What Her Hairstyle Says About Her

If you think that a pixie haircut will be too short for you, a bob is another not-so-short carefree hairstyle. If you are sporting a bob, it makes a very powerful style statement.
You come across as a daring person, who gives two hoots for what others think of you. It complements your elegant personality and portrays you as someone who has the guts to face the world and achieve success on your own terms. It is a very youthful hairstyle, and you will look like a fun, girly person. Also, it highlights your facial features and can make you look professional as well.
As your hair is ruffled, it gives you an out-of-the-bed look. It also speaks volumes about your edgy personality, which indicates that you don't care about making your hair prim and proper.
Also, as this hairstyle needs less maintenance, it may reflect you as an irresponsible person. It also gives you a very dreamy-eyed, beautiful rom-com-actress look, and the hairdo can sure grab a man's attention. It is indeed a very feminine and cute-looking hairstyle. This one is not recommended for a professional look.
Sideswept Bangs
Have you seen Elle Woods' character from the film Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde? She sports exactly the same hairstyle.
Sideswept bangs give a more mature appearance than the teenage bangs. It makes you look like a self-motivated and career-driven woman.
It speaks about your taste in high-class fashion. Also, as it covers your long forehead (if you have one), it gives a very perky and youthful look to your face. It also speaks about your playful nature, and this signifies that you are ready to take any competition head on. Needless to say, men find this hairstyle very attractive.
High Bun
Based on your hair length, high buns can make you look either chic or downright low key.
When you have a nice voluminous high bun, it will give you a red-carpet look. A nice high bun will also make you look like a confident person who loves to experiment with hairstyles.
It will also help to accentuate your facial features. However, having a small bun, on the other hand, will make you look too informal and casual for any occasion. It can also make you look dowdy, and you may appear as if you desperately need a makeover.
If you can carry a pixie hairstyle with ease, it means that you are bold and sassy. It portrays you as a woman who is not afraid to call all the attention to her face. As a pixie hairstyle frames your face, it highlights your facial features.
You come across as a sexy and self-assured woman with a 'don't-mess-with-me' kind of attitude. It also looks very artistic and classy. It can also make you seem like a headstrong person. However, this hairstyle is not very popular when it comes to attracting the attention of men.
Nothing makes you look more assertive than a ponytail. It portrays you as a no-nonsense go-getter. You look extremely smart and come across as a dependable and creative person.
It seems that you have a very confident and self-assured personality. Also, it speaks a lot about your taste in high-end fashion and new trends. Based on the different types of ponytails, you can carry the look of a diva, a professional, or even a Lara Croft-like personality.
Long and Straight
If you sport long hair without extensions, it may be symbolic of the fact that you are a person who does not like to change easily.
It is ultra feminine and gives a very sensual feel to your personality.
It will also make you come across as someone who has a low-maintenance and dominating personality. At times, your hairstyle may even make you look flirtatious and romantic. Men find women with this hairstyle sexier than any other. Many celebrities are seen sporting long hair with or without extensions because it makes them look glamorous.
Natural curls look beautiful on many women. Curly locks spell a powerful personality.
On one side, it may communicate a laid-back attitude, while on the other, it also speaks about the time you have spent meticulously in grooming your mane.
There are many curly-haired women, who would have given everything to have straight hair. If this is your case, then it speaks that you are not satisfied with what you have. However, remember that sporting curls speaks about the qualities of high self-esteem and self-admiration. Moreover, it portrays you as naturally sultry, gorgeous, and a feminine person.

What His Hairstyle Says About Him

This hairstyle will give you a youthful and dynamic look.
Needless to say, you will look very professional in this hairstyle. You may also come across as a very reliable and responsible person. Though this style is basic, a slight variation in it can add another dimension to your personality.
This will give your face and overall appearance a very neat and clean look. If kept prim and proper, it can also help you to look like a 'good boy'.
Curl or Wave
This is a hairstyle which makes you look boyish yet mature.
It talks a lot about your individuality and sense of 'self'. You come across as a dependable person who can help others out. It makes you extremely attractive to women because you may look like a Greek God in this hairstyle.
However, there is a chance that this hairstyle may get tousled easily, and so you may come across as a person who needs grooming. So, don't forget to set this hairstyle from time to time.
While many women will find your hairstyle attractive, there will be others who will brush you off as a lazy lad who lacks grooming. This out-of-the-bed look will make you seem like someone who does not care about what others opine about you.
Also, it makes you look like a creative genius, which will up your attraction quotient significantly. However, know that you will not be appreciated if you wear this look to your work, unless you are the boss!
Letting your mane grow longer will make you look like a rock star. However, you must have the right attitude to carry this look as it can also have a reverse effect and give you an unkempt look. It gives a very rugged and rough look to your personality, which many women find appealing.
A well-groomed longer mane can give you a very trendy and stylish look. It will also spell that you are an extremely attractive and unique person.
Faux Hawk
This will make you look like an uber-cool guy. If you sport this hairstyle, you will come across as a person who likes to retain his wild side. As you cannot wear a mohawk to work, you choose a safer option of faux hawk which gives you the best of both worlds.
Many women find men with faux hawks extremely desirable. It also makes you look trendy, stylish, and sophisticated.
Buzz Cut
Some people have the opinion that a buzz cut will make you look like a Russian henchman, but I think it makes a man look very mature. As the haircut is short, you come across as a no-nonsense alpha male.
It may make you look more like a boxer, than a professional if you are working in an office. It does make you look intense, dramatic, and slightly older than your age, so make sure before you really want to go in for this one.
Like the Greasers from the 1950s, with your slicked-back hair, you may come across to potential girlfriends as a rebel and free-spirited person.
However, note the fact that many women find these qualities extremely attractive. You may seem like a timeless fashion icon. Remember that if you slick your hair back too much, you run the risk of appearing like one of the Italian mafia characters from Mario Puzo's crime classic 'The Godfather'. On the flip side, it may even portray you as an egocentric person.
Sporting a voluminous Afro style will make you look like someone who traveled via a time machine straight from the 1970s. If you are sporting an Afro style, it largely speaks about your daring personality, as it takes guts to carry off this head-turning hairstyle.
You will come across as a super confident dude. Also, your Afro hairstyle talks a lot about your artistic and cool personality. It also portrays you as a free-spirited and youthful person who is not afraid to experiment in life. A trimmed version of Afro can also make you look very suave.
Now that you know what your hairstyle says about you, be careful in deciding your look. Especially for important occasions, like going on dates, meeting your would-be in-laws, attending parties, etc., opt for a hairdo, which will bring out the best in your personality by highlighting your features.
Do not fall into the trap of trendy hairstyles; something which may end up as an 'appearance disaster'.
NoteThese are common public perceptions regarding different hairstyles; however, they may differ from person to person.