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What Comes First - Concealer or Foundation?

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
What should you apply first - concealer or foundation? Is this the question on your mind as well? Get the answer in this story.
Women have been debating over whether to apply concealer first or foundation for quite some time now and with varying opinions. It is indeed very confusing. The difference between the two, their purpose and application, should be understood, after which the decision might be easier.

Foundation comes First

Foundation is applied first, followed by a concealer, as the former contours a base for the makeup and evens the skin tone while the latter covers the blemishes on the face. A small eye shadow brush can be used to apply it. Usage of fingers should be avoided. If you apply it in the reverse order, you may brush off all your hard work while putting on the foundation.

The Difference

The main difference between the two is the usage. A foundation helps form a base for your makeup and evens out the skin tone. It is applied all over the face and has a thin consistency. Concealer is applied on blemishes, under the eyes, on expression lines, and pimples.

Special Cases

In case of light concealer coverage, foundation should be put on later as it covers the concealer usage to a certain extent, but when a heavy routine is required it is best to smear it after the foundation. With this, let's have a quick look at how to apply both.

Applying Foundation

Wash the face, pat dry and rub moisturizer on it. Apply the foundation on the largest areas of the face before the moisturizer gets absorbed. You need to apply it on the forehead, cheek center, and (a tiny dot) on your chin. Massage it carefully in the direction of your facial fuzz growth, blending it near the jaw line and the hairline. Then apply some on the nose, lips, and eyelids and gently merge with the rest.

Applying Concealer

You need to first wash your face. Pat dry and apply a moisturizing face cream, followed by foundation. Then start to apply it under the eyes and along the inner eye bone using a makeup brush and a sponge to amalgamate it properly.
It should be one shade lighter than that of the foundation and should be used in a small quantity as it is thick and can make the face look plastered. Smear some oil-free powder after this to make it last longer. You should avoid using your fingers.
Generally, the foundation is applied first, followed by a concealer and then powder. There are no hard and fast rules but to blend, blend and blend is the mantra.