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Wet and Wavy Weave Hairstyles

Mamta Mule
Wet hairstyles are highly popular due to the fresh look they impart to your face. When you think of having long hair set to flaunt that carefree wet style, wavy hair extensions remain the ultimate alternative. So why not have wet and wavy weave hairstyles to give yourself a refreshing appearance? Here's more about these.
Wet hairstyles give a pretty and carefree look. Whether you have short or long hair, wet hairstyles remain one of the best hair styling options. Styling your locks to give them a wet and wavy touch is the ultimate way to add a fresh finishing touch to your formal or casual attire.
If you have short hair and want to set them wet and free, adding some length using hair extension weaves is a great idea. Today women commonly use hair extensions to add length to their locks and get a quick makeover. Here's more about wet and wavy weaves and various hairstyles that you can wear using these.

How is this Style Achieved?

Many women having tight waves stay away from extensions and other styling options. Such hair undoubtedly looks great when given a wet effect. The extensions are best picks if you have this type of natural hair. Such extensions blend well with your original hair and give them an extremely modish touch.
Choose from short, medium or long weaves depending upon the initial length of your hair and the final length you wish to have after adding extensions. For having the best looking hairstyle, the tip of your locks must at least fall below your shoulders. Long hair offer many more styling alternatives, hence more ways to wear a new look whenever desired.

Hairstyle Options

So you're looking for some fabulous hairstyles with that wet look, right? Well, you can start with the all time hit - wet and wavy style, by setting your hair free without any hair accessory. Part your hair if you like it that way. This is one of the most popular hairstyles where your hair is often center-parted. Layers can add a perfect finishing touch to this style.
Another option is adding long parted wavy bangs to your tresses that fall just below your cheeks. Weave hairstyle with side bangs looks extremely beautiful. Tying back your locks in a ponytail (low or high) is another classic option which can be considered.
While wearing this look, a half pony also looks cool on casual attire. Another option is to have a wavy ponytail and flat ironed side bangs. This combo is becoming quite a popular hair styling trend these days.
If you have those lovely soft waves, then getting mutli-tonal highlights with a light or deep color is a great idea. Now snip off your locks in a step cut or a deep 'U' haircut. Adding bangs that blend with such haircuts is also a good idea. Now all you need to do is set the hairstyle with a hair gel and get set to show off your fancified looks.
Avoid adding tight extensions to plain hair. In case you wish to get the mixed-up style of plain and wavy locks, go for ponytail weaves. Wavy ponytail weaves can be added to your plain hair which is sure to add a modish touch. Another hairstyling option for such weaves is having deep waves from the roots till the tip of your hair strands.
This hairstyle is often chosen to give a volumizing effect to the hair. Let me tell you that this hairstyle looks highly attractive with complete blonde hair color.
Weaves have become one of the most popular hair styling accessories which is available in a number of styles, color and textures. If you have always desired a wet and wavy look, these can be the things to try out and glamorize your looks in minutes.