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Wet and Wavy Hairstyles

Pragya T
Your hairstyle tells a lot about your personality, and depending on how you carry it off, enhances your appeal. Wet and wavy hairstyles are suitable for those who are cool and carefree in life. These styles are easy and can be done within minutes. Read on for some tips on the same.
So, you get up in the morning, take a quick shower, shampoo, and condition your hair, put on your clothes, but, you don't have much time to style your wet hair. In such a situation with some quick fixes, you can not only make your mane manageable, but make it look stylish too.

Hairstyle Ideas

If good care is taken while washing hair, styling becomes easy. Shampoo your hair and thoroughly wash it off. Apply some conditioner and let it be for 2 minutes. Again wash it off thoroughly. Take out the water, do not dry hair with a towel, as it makes your hair frizzy. Keep the towel on the hair to soak the water, so that it doesn't wet your clothes.
It is important to use the right hair care products so that the natural bounce is maintained. If you have curly or wavy hair, then use those products which say for 'wavy-curly hair'.
If you have straight hair and want to get waves, then using a wavy curly product can greatly help.
First, on wet hair apply an anti-frizz serum generously, covering it from the top, till the ends. This will make styling easier and prevent any breakage.
Apply a sea salt spray or use curly hair mousse. To style your hair wavy, divide them into different sections and apply the mousse or sea salt spray then scrunch your hair. Here are some tips for wet and wavy hairstyles.
>> Once you have conditioned and serumed your hair, part them in the middle or sideways. Then with cute accessories like a hair band or pins make your hair manageable.
>>Braiding, is a common quick fix for wet hair. Just use a wide tooth comb and comb your hair backwards, and tie them into a braid. Take a few strands from the sides, to soften your look. These styles are great life savers for women who have naturally thick and wavy hair. Such people can also go for cornrow braids if they have time.
>>If you have short hair and can't go for wet and wavy braids, then tie your hair into a pony and keep some of the front bangs open. Use a colorful rubber band, to make your hair look cute.
>>If you have very thick and wavy hair, and don't want to tie them into a braid, then just use a nice bandana and semi-tie your hair with it.
>>A fresh new look is being sported by many models. To get this, use a fine tooth comb and comb the hair backwards, and semi tie them using an accessory.
>>Another way to get this style is to use a 'long teeth zigzag design wire hair band'. Then scoop your hair backwards using this accessory and leave the rest open.
>>If you wish to style your normal dry hair looking wet, then there is a product called Wet and Wavy Human Hair which is clips of human hair, that is wavy and gives a wet look. Just place the clips of the right color and waves on your hair, and you will get instant wet-wavy looking hair.
So use this tips and tricks and style your hair into great looking designs!