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Drop-dead Gorgeous Ways to Wear Colored Mascara

Tulika Nair
From the runways to the streets, colored mascara has made quite a quick transition. And for a trend that is this unconventional, there are an astonishing number of takers for it. If you want to try the trend, then here is how you can wear colored mascara.

By George, it's Old!

The first mascara known to humankind can be traced back to 4000 BCE. Egyptians mixed kohl with crocodile dung, water, and honey to create the mascara. They used bone and ivory as applicators.
From being a very tacky makeup trend in the much-berated eighties to getting all the limelight at a Stella McCartney show and being embraced and then showcased by humongous beauty brands like Chanel and MAC, mascara in its vivid, bright, kaleidoscopic avatar has come quite a long way.
No longer is wearing colored mascara considered an infantile trend with crazy eyes written all over it. It is now a fashion do which has women rushing to find video guides on how to do it right.
If you have mastered the art, here's the creativity. Here, we give you five brilliant and innovative ways in which you can wear colored mascara.
This is the simplest look that you can opt for with colored mascara. The makeup is such that it creates a lot of drama.
One Color Magic
So, to keep your look subtle, use only one color for both, your eye shadow and the mascara. Use a shadow primer to create an even skin tone before you apply the shadow, which should be light so that the mascara-enhanced lashes are the focal point.
Since colored mascara often conjures up images of vivid, colorful lashes, it is hard to imagine something elegant with it.
Two Toned Wonder
But this look is perfect for a classy occasion where you want your makeup to cause a stir. Layer colored mascara over black mascara either on the tips, or on the bottom half. This creates a look that is high on impact at close quarters but is not over-the-top from a distance.
Now for those of you who have naturally long eyelashes, this can be a wonderful trick to try.
One Color, One Line
Use an eye-popping colored mascara on your top lid lashes, and keep your bottom lashes either clear or colored black. The contrast between the two colors draws attention to your eyes, but the use of black or clear mascara tones down the overall effect. If you have thin lashes, then you can choose to wear fake lashes.
Wingtip-lined eyes are a thing of the past. It's time to get a little more playful with your eye makeup.
Wingtip Lashes
Do it by wearing colored mascara only on the tips of your lashes. This look allows you to be on trend but, at the same time, avoid the entire my-eye-lashes-are-changing-color-and-my-eyes-are-looking-crazy phenomenon.
Now, this is a look that is neither easy to achieve, nor easy to pull off. Try this only if you are looking to create an impact, posing for a magazine, attending a costume party, etc.
Color Crazy
To get this look right, you will have to apply different shades of mascara to different sections with utmost care. For easier application, you can first use clear mascara for definition and volume, and then use colored eyeliner on different sections.
Now that you've got a hang of the different looks you can opt for, keep in mind these tips that will keep you from going astray.
  • Not all colors work on all skin tones. A universally popular and suitable color is cobalt blue. Other shades that could possibly work include purple, green, and plum.
  • If you want your eye color to pop, keep the mascara to a minimum, and wear it on both the lashes.
  • Since colored mascara is quite a dramatic statement to make, ensure that the rest of your makeup is simple, especially your liner. It is better keep it on the thinner side.
  • If you want to wear colored mascara but want a toned-down effect, you can choose to layer it over black mascara and add smoky gray eyeshadow.
With these tips in mind and the different innovative ideas to wear colored mascara, you will surely master this makeup trend. Just remember not to go overboard with the amount of color you use.