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Ways to Style Thick Hair

Pragya T
Thick hair, due to their extreme volume, can be difficult to style. However, there are many ways to style thick hair that look great only on this type of hair structure. Check out these great ideas on styling thick hair...
Before we start looking at the 7 great ways to style thick hair, here are some tips that can make your hair look thinner. A classic remedy to make the thick hair look sleeker and wonderful is using mayonnaise. Yep! The jar of mayonnaise lying on your kitchen shelf can actually be used for making your hair look sleeker!
So, conditioning your hair regularly a week for everyday, by using a mayonnaise homemade hair mask can help. Within a week you will have more manageable and sleeker looking hair. Henna for conditioning hair works in a similar way, so you can try that too.
Other ways to make your thick hair look sleeker and more manageable is by styling it with a flat iron, or using some thinning hair shampoos, conditioners, or hair serums. One of the best ways to do this is by doing some hair cutting like a razor cut or choppy layers. Let us look at the various haircuts and hairstyles to make the thick hair look sleeker.

Tips on Styling Thick Hair

Style #1

Here is a 2 minute style. Simply scoop all your hair back and then tie it up in a messy bun hairstyle.
You can tie the messy bun using a hair clip, a rubber band, a hair stick, or simply a pencil for a cool look! Take out few strands or bangs so that the hairstyle looks more natural.

Style #2

Another easy way to style thick hair is using braiding. But, don't try just any braid style. Try the cool Alexander Wang style!
For this style side part your hair and then tie the hair in a long loose English braid and place it on one side of the shoulder. Voila! You have a cool carefree look...

Style #3

Another way to style thick hair is using a ponytail. Get Cleopatra style bangs, if you can, and tie your hair into a high ponytail. This is a simple and quick style which looks good for all occasions.

Style #4

For a sleek stylish look, use these ideas. First use a flat iron to make all your hair straight. Then take a large front section and style it into a bump hairstyle. Wear long chain earrings with this style, to make it look even more sophisticated!

Style #5

Mentioned were the ideas of hairstyles for thick hair, now let us look at the hair cutting styles. Choppy layers are the best way to cut thick hair. So, ask the stylist to cut your hair choppy, in such a way that the volume is reduced. Also, get some bangs with this style.

Style #6

Bob styles are so in..! There are many modern bob styles to choose from. A simplest is the symmetrical inverted bob style. So, if you have medium or short hair then go with this style.

Style #7

A razor is used to cut a section of hair for these haircuts.
Razor cut looks great on wavy and curly hair. As it gives a beautiful tapering look to your curly locks. Also, this style is great for people with straight hair. It gives soft wispy ends to straight hair. So, get a cool razor cut and accompany it with some bangs.
These were the trendy cool ways in which you can style your thick hair. So, what are you waiting for? Grab the comb and try the hairstyles mentioned here, or go to a salon and get a trendy cut. Enjoy!