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Ways to Get Rid of a Cowlick in Hair

Mukta Badipatla
People with cowlicks are scared, feeling that they will be made fun of behind their backs. Are you already suffering with a similar fear?

Did You Know?

Supermodel Claudia Schiffer has two cowlicks along her bangs. She grows these cowlicks long, in order to style them later.
Cowlick, does that happen when a cow licks up your hair? No! A cowlick is a bunch of uncontrollable hair that grows in an anomalous pattern as compared to the rest of the hair.

Although a cowlick looks cute on children's hair, but elders find it frustrating and embarrassing. You can relate to the pain if you yourself have a cowlick.
You might have seen cowlicks at the crown of the head, at the back of the head, and sometimes over the temporal region, or in a person's bangs. It has become very common these days. Here we present to you tips and methods to get rid of cowlicks and have the perfect tresses.

How to Get Rid of a Cowlick

Over the years, we have seen many celebrities going through plastic surgery treatments (risky treatment) or waxing, in an attempt to get off the cowlicks, which otherwise would have scarred their fashionista image.
Although these treatments solve the problem, but the list of side effects and risks tagged along are way too scary. Let's consider solutions that can be easily done without any risk.
◆ When you wash your hair and are out of the shower, blow-dry your cowlick and tame it according to your wish. But if you let the air dry your cowlick, it will be difficult to tame it after that. This tip is useful and effective for people with cowlicks in their bangs.
◆ While blow drying your hair, use a round thermal brush with a lot of tension. This will not only lick away the cowlick, but will also add volume to your hair.
◆ You can also apply hair gel or pomade to the cowlick and make it greasy (for men). Start applying the gel from the roots of the cowlick and work it out in the direction you want it to stay. Hair that's styled with gel also gives men that oomph factor, setting the temperature soaring high with those ladies around.
◆ Hair straightening irons are also a cheap and non-risky solution to ward off a cowlick. If you want to use a hair curler to curl your hair, then do not worry. Curls make cowlicks difficult to be noticed.
◆ Ladies, to cover up a cowlick, you can separate a section of hair close to the cowlick, comb it, and pin it up, hiding the cowlick. These pins serve as an added accessory. We're not sure if this fashion tip will make men drool over you, but you will definitely make the other girls jealous.
◆ Other than trying hair gels and mousse to soften the cowlick, you can change your hairstyle to something that will complement your look and also hide the cowlick. Isn't it like killing two birds with a single stone?
◆ For people with short hair, those cowlicks on the nape can be treated by keeping hair long to curtain the cowlick, or cutting it further short to snip off the frisky cowlick. Don't like any of the two solutions? Then simply gel up or dry out your hair with a blow dryer.
◆ The biggest problem with bald people is when a cowlick shows up right on the crown. The solution lies in going totally bald. This way, there won't be any hair to curl up in a heinous pattern.
Take it easy. Do not feel that a cowlick is the end of the world. There are many people who have cowlicks, and there is nothing wrong with it. And about those who might talk behind your back? Let them happily make you the center of their world.

For all the fashion-conscious men and women who believe in perfection, we hope that these easy and quick fixes have helped you.