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Incredibly Gorgeous Ways to Do Your Hair for School

Mamta Mule
Here are some ways to do your hair for school. Wearing one of these will give you a sweet and cute look, perfect for attending the school. Try out.
Entering the school with a boring look is something that no one likes. Each one of you would like to enter the classroom with a perfect hairstyle gracing your face and enhancing the school attire. Let's move on to know some ways to do your hair for school. Pick the one that looks good on you.

Hairdos for School

Here are some ways to do your hair. For girls, it's fun as well as a task to get ready for school. These easy hairstyles will make your task easy and help you look perfect for school.

Sleek Chignon

This is a type of tie up hairstyle that works well for hot summers.
Start by combing your hair. Now gather it at nape and tie into a simple low ponytail using a hair colored elastic rubber band. Now slightly twist the free hair and then twist it around the elastic. This will form a loose bun. Now do your hair using bobby pins, to secure the bun, especially secure the ends of this length of hair into the bun.

Wavy Pin-Back

Wavy hair might seem difficult to handle, but you can wear this hairstyle in a few minutes.
Take a middle section of your hair, starting from the hairline. Hold it, comb it and tuck it backwards by taking it above the crown. Use 2-3 pins to secure it backwards. Leave rest of the hair free. The waves falling on your shoulder will look cute and front hair secured backwards with pins will ensure that these do not fall on your face.

Pigtail Buns

Start by parting your hair in middle. If you have side bangs, part side ways. Now gather each section and tie into ponytail using an elastic rubber band. You have two low ponytails now, one behind each ear. Now twist each of these around the ponytail and secure with bobby pins. You have two pigtail buns ready.


Ponytails are definitely amongst the cute hairstyles for school. Be it a single pony or two ponytails, these are the best ways to do your hair.
Ponytail gives you that perfect school girl look and you can add the style element with side-swept bangs. If you have straight hair, go for center bangs. Half ponytail is another great idea. If you want to don a modish look, get a rubber band and tie hair into a high pony.

Twists and Curls

Twisting your hair in various ways, you can have an easy hairstyle for school.
Take strands from front side and twist them and pin backwards using alligator clips. You can part in various ways to form cute hairstyles. Curling your hair and leaving them free with side or center part or gracing them with cute headbands is a great idea.
So these were some easy hairdos for school. Try out these hairstyles and wear the one that suits you the best.