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Ways to Do Your Hair

Mukta Gaikwad
With a million ways to do your hair, there's not a slightest chance that you'd have a bad hair day. Read on to know what's the best hairstyle for you.
Your hair gives your face a structure and a shape. Your hair even decides the look you may want to wear. The same old hairstyle does get boring after a while. A new look, can add to your confidence and make you feel good about yourself in a jiffy. There are many methods to do your hair, which can suit the occasion and the place.
A formal place may demand a formal hairstyle that is simple and easy to carry off and a costume party may ask you to imitate the hairstyle of some drama queen. Here are a few easiest ways of styling your hair.

Ways to Style Your Hair...

...for School

School goers have less time to spend on their hair. Hence, the easiest way to do your hair for school is to pull them up in a pony tail, at the back of your head. To do this, just comb your hair to the back, hold them in your fist and tie them up with a rubber band. Another style is braiding.
If you have long locks, just braid your hair into a single plait. Braid hairstyles prevent friction of hair thus, keeping it safe from developing split ends. If you have short, shoulder length hair, a hair band also looks good. You can use a cloth hair band to prevent the pain behind your ears.

...for Homecoming

Homecoming or prom happens once in a lifetime. You must have the hair done up in the most perfect way to steal the show on that fateful night. The simplest updos of hair are sometimes the most graceful ones. Nonetheless, you have to practice this prom hairstyle for a couple of weeks before the night.
You can also try straightening your hair for the night, if you have the panache and confidence to carry off the straight hair diva look with elegance. Or the other hairstyle option for your hair is curling it. While drying your hair tie up velcro rollers in the wet hair and leave them on for 8-10 minutes.
Leave them open and let the soft curls fall down your shoulders as you make the grand entry for the prom. One of the most perfect prom hairstyles for long hair.

...for an Interview

Formal hairstyles for long hair require minimal efforts if planned a little in advance and in tandem with the dress you plan to don on 'D' day. Updo hairstyles look the best at job interviews. A casual bun, will go perfectly with your formal attire. Rake your fingers through your hair to pull them at the back and tie them up in a ponytail.
Now turn the tied up pony to the left and with your other hand, roll it till the end. Wrap the twist around the base of the pony, till you reach the tip of your hair. Use pins to hold the bun securely. If needed, spray some hair gel so that the hair stays in place.

...for a Party

Use some hair mousse for this hair style. Spray some hair mousse onto your wet hair and just scrunch them a little bit, to get those soft curls. Pull some hair out from the side locks and leave out some hair at the bottom. Now with the remaining part tie them up in a bun and secure them loosely with hair pins.
Let the remaining hair look totally loose and flowing. This is an easy to do hair style for a party. If you are not sure about the bun, just let your hair down!
With so many easy ways to style your hair you can easily pick the look that you want to wear. If you are unsure about carrying a certain hairstyle on an occasion it is always safe to stick to poker straight hair. They are easy to manage and do not get tangled easily. Use good products for your hair as the cheap ones can damage your hair. Experiment with your hair the way you want and wear it with attitude. This is where I sign off. Have fun!