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Superb Wavy Hairstyles With Bangs

Pragya T
There are many ways to cut your wavy hair. Also, you can accompany them with stylish bangs to make the haircut look even more awesome. Here are the various ideas of wavy hair styles with bangs...
Wavy hair give a soft romantic look. However, if you don't have wavy hair, then it is quite easy to style your straight hair into curly hairstyles.
Wet your straight hair and apply some sea salt spray on your wet hair. Then scrunch your hair by holding different sections of your hair into your hands and crushing them.
Let your hair dry naturally and then you will notice you have great wavy hair. You can directly cut your hair into some style of bangs and you will have a great hairstyle. But, to make your hair look even more textured, you can consider going for any of the mentioned base haircut. Then pick one of the bangs style to accompany your base cut.

Base Haircut

Here are the various haircut ideas out of which you can choose one you like and further style it with bangs.

Simple Layered Cut

You can go for simple even layered long wavy hairstyles. This can be done by parting your hair in the middle and cutting the hair ends into gradually smaller to longer layers.

Deep Layered Cut

These hairstyles look great on wavy hair and can be used to build more or less volume. To cut your hair into deep layers, part your hair in the middle. Then take out the front section of your hair. Then cut more layers at the crown and less at the bottom.

Layered Choppy Mix

To make your hair ends stand out even more and look separated try this haircut. Get your hair cut into layers and then cut your hair choppy. To cut your hair choppy hold a hair strand at a 45 degree angle, tilt your scissor, and make the cut. This way work on all your hair strands.

Graduated Style

Though, graduated bobs are mostly seen on fine straight hair. But, a good stylist can help you get the graduated medium wavy hair style with curly bangs too. You can go for a graduated bob in your hair. Make sure you keep your length longer while cutting them, as the wet hair after drying will spring up.

Hair Bangs Options

Pick any one of the bangs style and accompany it with any of the given mentioned haircut.

Blunt Cleopatra Bangs

For a blunt Cleopatra style bangs, comb your hair straight and cut them straight till your eyebrow level.

Side Short Bangs

Side short bangs give a cute look. You can cut your hair sideways into short bangs by holding the front section at an angle and snipping off the hair.

Side Sweeping Bangs

To cut your hair into stylish side sweeping bangs, hold front section of your hair sideways, tilt your scissor and make a cut, keeping the hair length longer. Comb and check.

Equal Side Bangs

Similar to side sweeping bangs, just part your hair in the middle, hold the right section away and make the cut. Repeat for the other side.

Choppy Bangs

To give your hair bangs a choppy look, separate out the hair strands and work on them individually, by cutting the hair strands choppy.
To maintain your haircut you will need to visit the stylist every 3 - 4 weeks, depending upon the growth of your hair. Bangs will grow faster and might change the way your look. So, you can trim the excess length of bangs yourself. So, pick a good base haircut with bangs, accompany it with some highlights to get an even more textured look.