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Wavy Haircuts for Women

Pragya T
Wavy haircuts never go out of fashion. Some celebrities who sport these styles are Gwyneth Paltrow, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Sheryl Crow. Wavy hairstyles look good on all face types.
Most people either have straight or curly hair. While straight hair tend to look plain, unless accentuated by a good haircut, curly hair look a little shaggy unless well-maintained. Some women are gifted with wavy hair. But those who don't have wavy hair, do not worry, as it is easy to make your hair look wavy.
Wavy haircuts for women look amazing as they give a soft and attractive look and can be made more appealing with the help of hair coloring like highlighting either sections of your hair or coloring the tips.

How to Make Your Hair Wavy

There are many ways to help you make your hair wavy. Buy a commercial salt water mix of a good quality and fill it in a spray bottle. Spritz this solution on your hair, then twist your hair and blow dry. You can  make your hair wavy by using styling gels.
You can keep hair rollers on during the night and wake up to a beautiful transformation with wavy hair. Do remember to refer to the roller kit box for instructions. You can also use hair curling irons to make your hair wavy, but take care while using these products as your hair can become dry due to regular usage of these equipment.

Wavy Haircut Ideas

Here are some of stylish haircuts for wavy hair. These haircuts are for women with different hair lengths and face types. Romantic bob and wavy shag are short haircuts that suit women who have round and oval face.
For women with angled cheeks, choose a haircut with bangs as this will cover your cheeks partially and highlight your hair. Wavy haircuts with a fringe look good and stylish on every face type, especially on women with big foreheads.

Romantic Bob

This short hairstyle gives a soft feminine look and accents your cheeks and neck. This haircut works best on fine or medium hair type, which reaches till the middle of the neck. Wash and blow-dry your hair to make it look bouncy and maintain your haircut by trimming it every 2 months.

Wavy Shag

This is the least maintenance haircut and can be seen sported by celebrities like Meg Ryan. The haircut portrays a messy and sexy look. Romantic bob and wavy shag are the best short wavy hairdos.

Haircuts with Side Bangs

This haircut looks good on any type of face. For this, you should have shoulder-length hair. Cut the front section of your hair in bangs, straighten them, and keep only the ends wavy. You can also leave these side bangs loose and tuck them behind your ear.

Long Bangs and Wavy Haircut

This is an interesting haircut for wavy hair and accents your facial features. For this style, straighten your hair till your ear and make the rest of the hair wavy.

Wavy Haircut with Fringe

Style your hair so that it is wavy with the exception of the front section. Cut this front section into a fringe which reaches your eyebrows and straighten it. If you prefer a bold look let the fringe fall straight, or if you want at a softer look, comb it sideways.

Wavy and Straight Mix

This is the coolest haircut and gives a soft but very stylish look. Straighten sections of your hair and curl other parts. To accentuate the look, add a fringe and to make the hairstyle even more attractive color the straightened part of your hair.
You can create your own variations of wavy hairstyle, and complement it with bangs. It is very important that you get exactly the kind of waves you want, for example, for a tousled look keep the waves long.
For medium wavy hair, maintain short and lesser waves in your hair. For a shaggy, unkempt, but easy to maintain look keep very short waves. Ensure proper hair care and do not brush your wavy haircut as this might lead to an evening out of the waves. Instead use a big-tooth comb to groom your hair or brush your hair with your fingers.
Many times, it is difficult to give a wavy haircut a name. So, if you want to tell your stylist to cut your hair in a particular style, surf for a picture of the haircut on the Internet and get a front and back view of the picture printed and show it to the stylist.
For example, if you like Megan Fox's wavy haircut, get a back and front view picture of her hair to show to the stylist. So, get any of these haircuts and amaze everybody with your new attractive look!