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All You Must Know About Waterproof Makeup

Kalpana Kumari
Waterproof makeup doesn't smudge or run even under water. Here is some information on what waterproof makeup is, when you can use it, and how to remove it.
Cosmetics which have been designed not to run, smear or come off even when your skin gets wet are known to be waterproof. Most of these contain a chemical called dimethicone, an oil based on silicone. Due to the presence of dimethicone, skin becomes soft after the application of cosmetics.
In waterproof cosmetics, a modified form of dimethicone is present. It is known as dimethicone copolyol. This ingredient keeps the makeup on your skin even when it is wet due to sweating or swimming in water. Thus, you can wear waterproof makeup for swimming, running, jogging, dancing, and various other activities which make you sweat.

When to Wear it?

You can put waterproof cosmetics on when there are chances that you would be near or in water on a particular day or occasion. Some situations could be a sports meet, wedding, prom night, or a day out to beach. You may need to use this special type of makeup when the weather is hot and humid, and you cannot avoid perspiration.
These cosmetics are extremely beneficial when you have to go out in the spring or even in the winter when it suddenly rains. In all these situations, the cosmetics will not smudge, run or melt away. They will remain intact and make you look gorgeous.

How to Remove it?

Plain water and regular makeup remover cannot effectively remove waterproof cosmetics. You need to use a special kind of cleansing agent formulated specifically to remove these cosmetics. Make it a point to buy it along with the waterproof cosmetics to avoid removal problems.
There are some standard instructions on removal:

♦ Take a cotton pad and put a dollop of the special cleansing agent on it. Rub the cotton pad on the skin. You will find the makeup coming off with the rubbing.

♦ One application might not be sufficient for complete removal.
♦ Take another cotton pad and repeat the steps again. You will see better results with the second application.

♦ Some makeup may still be left on your skin, wash your face with water and a mild face wash to get rid of it.

♦ Moisturize your skin with a good quality moisturizer to avoid skin dryness.

Are there any Side Effects?

These cosmetics adhere to your skin more firmly than regular beauty products. This makes removal quite difficult. They often require a special cleansing agent to get off of your skin. Such cleansing agents are harsh on your skin. They tend to remove the sebum from your skin in the process.
Sebum is the oily substance produced by your skin, it plays an important role of protecting your skin from chemicals, pollutants, and irritants. When you lack a layer of sebum on your skin, you are more prone to skin infections, sunburn, and other similar problems.
Regular use and removal of waterproof cosmetics may make your skin unnaturally dry. This will further give rise to signs of premature aging such as formation of dark spots and wrinkles on your skin.
If you are planning to buy these cosmetics, consider doing a patch test to check for your skin's tolerance towards it.