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Vitamin E Oil for Scars

Sonia Nair
Vitamin E oil has long been touted as an effective remedy for scars. Is it really effective? This information provides a brief overview about its use for scar removal.
Is there any effective remedy for scars? This is one of the most common beauty queries from those, who have tried and tested a wide range of scar removal creams, lotions and home remedies. In fact, scars are considered impossible to remove. Some people opt for surgical removal of scars.
There are some home remedies and other products that are claimed to be effective for this purpose. The most popular among them is vitamin E oil, which is also used as an ingredient in some scar removal creams and lotions. However, it has also been contended that, vitamin E oil is not at all effective for scar removal.

Vitamin E and Scars

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble antioxidant that is available as capsules or oil. It is said that, vitamin E can penetrate skin layers and hinder formation of free radicals that can negatively affect the healing process in wounds. In case of scars, vitamin E hinders formation of collagen fibers, thereby lightening the scar tissue.
Even though, most of the vitamin E users vouch for its effectiveness in reducing and removing scars, there is no scientific backing to prove the same. Various studies were conducted on the effectiveness of vitamin E oil for burn scars, but the results were negative.
In one such study, vitamin E was used in people, who have undergone reconstructive surgery for burns. The group was divided into two sections. Members of one section used vitamin E for reducing scars, while the others were given some other cream.
Both sections did not show any significant difference, as far as the scars were concerned. There was no change in the thickness, size or appearance of the scars, even after one year of use.
In another comparative study between two groups, one group was given a regular cream and the other group was given a cream with vitamin E. Both the groups were asked to use their respective creams, twice a day for three months (after undergoing surgery).
After the stipulated period, it was noticed that, the scars appeared the same in members of both the groups. The worst part was that, the appearance of the scars worsened in those, who used vitamin E. Some of them developed a skin rash too.
The study results have been criticized on the ground that, only a small amount of vitamin E was used, and the application was done soon after the injury, which interrupted the healing process.

How to Use Vitamin E to Reduce Scars

Vitamin E is applied topically, in order to reduce scars. While application of pure vitamin E oil for scars, and its efficacy are still debated; it is also claimed that, vitamin E should not be used on wounds. However, there are so many people, who use vitamin E oil for acne scars and burn scars.
Some people use it on wounds too. If you want to try this remedy, get the best vitamin E oil. Before applying this oil, clean the area with an antibacterial soap and pat dry.
Dab some vitamin E oil over the scar, using a cotton swab, preferably before going to bed at night. Let it stay overnight. For best results, you have to use vitamin E on a daily basis for at least three to four months.
In short, topical application of vitamin E oil may not be effective for reducing or removing scars. It is also contended that, the positive effects are mostly seen in those with light scars.
Another contention is that consumption of foods rich in vitamin E or vitamin E supplements may prove beneficial for reducing scars, rather than topical application.
Disclaimer: This is for informational purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.