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Vampire Eye Makeup

Saptakee Sengupta
Eye makeup is popular among people of all age groups. It can either dramatize your look or mildly enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. Vampire eye makeup is a unique style that will make you appear different and wild.
Vampires have suddenly become popular ever since the release of Twilight Saga. These mystical creatures seem to have cast a spell on the generation of today. The movie has portrayed the protagonist, Edward Cullen, so well, that it's impossible to forget his seductive eyes taking a fiery look whenever he's thirsty for blood.
Being the most popular among teenagers and young adults, the vampire theme is being adopted for costume and Halloween parties. Even kids love to deck up as these creatures for fancy dress shows. How to get the exact look? The most important aspect is the makeup. The look can further be accentuated with contact lenses.

Basic Know-how

The vampire look could be developed in plenty of ways. The fiery and savage features are best incorporated by changing the eye color. This could be done easily with temporary contacts that are not much expensive. Wear them only if you are comfortable. Then follows the eye makeup. The most used colors are red and black.
The makeup also depends upon the different looks that are classified as seriously dead, period clothing, modern Gothic, and everyday vampire.
You will require a wide range of eye shadows and eye liners for this. The colors chosen for outlining the upper eyelids ranges from black, brown, carbon, and blue.


Here are a few suggestions before applying this kind of a makeup. Since the makeup for this particular look is very heavy, you have to be cautious while getting ready. In case you intend to use contact lenses, wear them first, and then start on the makeup. Remove every trace of makeup once the party is over.


● The first step deals with putting on the colored eye contact lenses. Opt for bright glowing ones that glow in the dark and create the ultimate vampire look. However, do not use them if you are not comfortable wearing them.
● Outline the eyes with a black eye pencil. Do it carefully, and extend the line a little beyond the edge of your eyes. Draw a thick outline.
● Follow the same technique for the upper eyelid. Make sure the ends of both the outlines meet accurately. This step finishes the borders.
● For Halloween parties, you can brighten up the look with colored eye shadows. This implies blending of red or black with blue. Loose or wet shadows work equally good. Take a brush and apply the black eye shadow with gentle strokes. Do not spread it on the border.
● Cover up the eyelids with the black shade, and merge the red shadow with it. The shade of red will cover the lower ridges of the brows.
● Follow the same method for blending black with blue. A combination of black and gray will create the perfect, smoky look.
● Spread some glitter over the eye shadow to make it more appealing for night parties. For kids, you can stick some artificial, decorative, star-shaped stickers at the corners of the eyes.
● Wear a dark black mascara to highlight your eyelashes. You can also thicken up or extend your eyebrows to create a fearsome look. Wearing artificial eye lashes will widen up your eyes.
The quality of the vampire eye makeup depends on how well you can bring out the accuracy. The eyes, the most attractive feature of the imaginary creature, play an important role in the whole getup.
The makeup should do justice to the character. The savage beauty is further brought forth with a good facial makeup. Observe your favorite characters, and try to emulate the look through your artistic potential.