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Using Wheat Germ Oil for Hair Growth

Bidisha Mukherjee
Know the benefits of wheat germ oil for hair growth:
Wheat germ oil is a plant oil derived from the wheat germ or the tiny embryo present inside the wheat kernel. The oil has a dark amber color and a typical nutty odor. It is a great source of a variety of essential fatty acids that include oleic acid, linoleic acid, palmitic acid, linolenic acid and so on.
Wheat germ oil also contain a high amount of protein, vitamins E, A, D and B-complex vitamins like B1, B2, B3, B6 and minerals iron and phosphorus. The benefits of wheat germ oil are owing to all these nutritional components found in it.

Benefits of Wheat Germ Oil on Hair Growth

Hair loss is a major problem that both men and women are facing today. It is mainly because of use of numerous hair styling products, excessive sun exposure, dry weather condition, pollution and so on. All these factors put a lot of stress on the hair and it becomes dry and damaged.
You can see hair falling off in large numbers when you brush or comb. To prevent hair loss in large scale and promote hair growth, you have to keep the hair healthy. Wheat germ oil has natural qualities that can be highly beneficial for this purpose.
The fatty acids of this oil is longer than other natural oils like coconut oil. For this reason, it has excellent emollient properties which helps in moisturizing and conditioning the hair. Thus it repairs damaged hair and prevents hair breakage.
Wheat germ oil promotes hair growth both in terms of length and volume, The B vitamins in the oil stimulate new cell growth and tissue formation and contribute towards adding to hair volume.
Hair grows well if the scalp skin is healthy and the hair roots are strong. The vitamin E of the oil get absorbed into the scalp and helps to bring about improvement in the skin condition.

How to Use Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil treatment is preferred for hair growth mainly because it is a naturally occurring substance and is absolutely safe for the hair. You can use it in many different ways.
Take a few drops of this oil on the tips of your finger and rub it on those spots which show signs of hair loss. Let it get absorbed into the scalp properly and massage some more oil on the entire scalp. However, no need to apply too much of oil on the scalp. Rather, massage the oil properly into the scalp.
Massaging increases blood flow to the scalp and more nutrients will get absorbed into the hair roots. This will make the hair follicles healthy which in turn will stimulate hair growth. Let the oil sit on the scalp for around 30 minutes and then wash off the lukewarm water.
Wheat germ oil should be massaged into the scalp daily. Since wheat germ oil has a thick texture, you may not like to apply it directly into the hair. In that case, you can mix it with some coconut oil and apply it in the same manner.
You can go for hot oil treatment for the hair. Take a small amount of oil in a small bowl and heat it till it becomes lukewarm. Take a few drops of the warm oil on the palms and rub your hands vigorously.
Now, massage this oil gently on the hair starting from the roots to the tip. Keep it on for an hour and then shampoo your hair. It should be done once in a week. You can use wheat germ oil as conditioner too. Apply a few drops of the oil after shampooing your hair. Wait for two minutes and then wash off with water.
You should not expect instant results after using wheat germ oil for hair growth. Hair will grow at its normal rate which is roughly about half an inch in a month. Therefore, you have to wait for some time before you can get thick and long hair.
However, on regular application of the oil, you can see marked improvement in your hair health within a short span of time and it will look much more healthy and shiny.