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Upper Lip Wrinkles

Mamta Mule
This story provides some information about upper lip wrinkles and its causes. It also includes some remedies for the same.
Wrinkles on upper lips can give an aging appearance to the entire face. Even if one doesn't have them on the rest of their face, these are enough to spoil the overall look. These are much more prominent than wrinkles on rest of the facial skin.


Wrinkles are definitely the first signs of aging. These are basically caused due to decrease of certain proteins and acids in our body. The natural substances in our body, such as elastin, collagen, hyaluronic acid, etc., are responsible for that flexible and wrinkle-free skin and decrease in these leads to formation of wrinkles.
The upper lip is one of the areas where our skin has a thin layer which becomes even thinner due to various factors, thus, leading to this condition. Apart from the natural factors, repeated facial expression can cause development of these fine lines and wrinkles on one's delicate skin.
Environmental factors play a primary role in the overall damage caused to our skin. Harsh sunrays, pollution, and dry whether can cause a decrease in the collagen and elastin fibers leading to loss of flexibility. This causes pre-mature aging of our skin. Smoking also accelerates the process of aging and causes formation of this condition.

Some Remedies

Hydration of Skin

The treatment for upper lip wrinkles starts with proper hydration of the skin. It is very essential to rightly hydrate the skin in order to plump up the wrinkles and make them less noticeable. Drinking plenty of water throughout the day is very necessary for one's skin.
Remember that aerated drinks or even fruits juices can be replaced with water which would keep the skin fresh and healthy. Also, moisturizing the skin before going to bed will be beneficial in treating this condition.
You can either use oil-based products or reduce upper lip wrinkles naturally by using natural oils like almond oil, olive oil, vitamin E, oil, etc.

Facial Exercises

Doing facial exercises for wrinkles regularly is known to be an effective way of getting rid of this skin problem. Here's an easy facial exercise for the upper lip area. Sit upright in front of a mirror, place the elbows on the table and look straight.
Place the thumbs under the upper lip, inside the mouth so that the nails touch upper lips and gums at the same time. Now, slowly pull down the upper lip with gentle pressure. When the lip is pressed against the thumbs, hold for 5-7 seconds and slowly move it back to initial position. Repeat this exercise three times.

Protecting the Skin

Protecting the skin from the harsh environmental factors will greatly help to treat and stay away from the wrinkles. Avoid skin exposure to those sunrays by using sun protection umbrellas, scarfs, and UV protective jackets and other UV protective gear.
One can also use a good quality sunscreen for the same. Keep the skin moisturized throughout the day during dry weather. Cleanse the skin to remove the dirt which causes harm to it.

Take Rest

Sleeping for at least seven hours a day is known to be essential for better skin, body, and mental health. This helps one relax and stay fresh and improves their skin texture. Stress, which is also a cause of this condition, must be eliminated by following various stress management techniques. Staying stress free will surely help reduce the signs of aging.

Surgical Procedures

Apart from the aforementioned remedies, one can also opt for some surgical procedures known to make the skin wrinkle free. Face lift, botox, soft-tissue fillers, microdermabrasion, laser resurfacing, etc., can be considered for treating this problem. If one is ready to spend more and wants fast results, one can opt for these procedures. Make sure to consult a reputed doctor.
The aforementioned remedies and treatments might prove beneficial. One should also follow a good skin care routine on a daily basis, in order to slow down signs of aging and thereby look young.
Disclaimer: This is for informative purposes only, and should not be used as a replacement for expert medical advice.