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Unibrow Removal

Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
If you think getting rid of a unibrow on your own is difficult, reconsider your thought. There are several DIY unibrow removal techniques. Learn more about them from the following story.
A fused brow looks untidy. Getting a unibrow removed is not only a part of a woman's beauty regime, but men require this hair treatment too. Women are used to paying visits to a salon regularly.
Hence, it is easier from them to get a unibrow removed, which is not the case with men. People who want to avoid visiting a salon can opt for one of the following methods to get rid of a unibrow.


An effectual method to remove a unibrow is by using a pair of tweezers and plucking the unwanted hair from the area.
This option is best for those who have sparse hair above the nose bridge. Apply warm water on the area before tweezing the hair. This will open the pores and make the process easier. Though this method is a bit painful, the results are comparatively more long-lasting (several weeks).


This is the easiest way of removing a monobrow but not quite long-lasting. You just need a sharp razor and a regular shaving cream for this. Mark the portion with a brow pencil, apply some shaving cream on it, and shave the portion. You will need to carry out this procedure often, as the effect does not last for a long time.


You can make use of eyebrow waxing kits available in beauty stores to get rid of the unwanted hair. Go through the directions given on the kit in order to get better results.
Warm the wax till it melts, allow it to cool down to a convenient temperature, and gently spread some of it on the required area. Place the waxing strip over the wax-applied region and pull it in the direction against the hair growth with a force. Repeat the procedure if necessary.

Using Depilatory Cream

Using a depilatory cream is also an effectual way for monobrow removal. You can purchase permanent hair removal cream from your local pharmaceutical store. For safety purpose, conduct a patch test to check if your skin is allergic to the product.
If not, apply the cream over the unibrow hair, leave it for 2 minutes or as suggested on the packet, and wash off the cream. The hair will come off the area along with the cream. This method is less messy, provided that you adopt the directions mentioned on the product leaflet. Strictly follow the stipulated time, or it may cause skin irritation.
Laser hair removal and electrolysis are reliable approaches to remove a unibrow. The results are permanent, but the methods are quite expensive.
In case you are not comfortable about carrying out any of these methods yourself, you can always visit a salon and get the job done by a professional. The salon experts may also consider threading for getting rid of the unibrow.