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How to Treat Uneven Skin Tone

Mamta Mule
Fed up of that uneven skin tone that is making you look unattractive? Here are some easy home remedies for curing this problem. Try them out!
Patchy skin is a problem many people suffer from. Popularly known as hyperpigmentation, this skin disorder is caused due to a number of reasons, the most common one being excessive sun exposure. This exposure leads to discoloration of skin and formation of dark patches.
Sun spots may be a result of hormonal imbalance, especially during pregnancy or excess intake of contraceptives. This can also result in post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, that might be due to scarring, injury or acne lesions. Premature aging is another reason of such skin color.

Remedies to Try

Keep Away the Cosmetics

Firstly, keep all those cosmetics, lotions and body creams away. These might contain harmful chemicals that can lead to discoloration of the skin.
Regularly using some of these products might have an adverse effect on the skin leading to dark spots on the entire body. So, it's best to keep them away, and opt for natural skin care products that are safe.

Exfoliate Daily

The next important step is skin exfoliation. Yes, using a good quality scrub or a homemade scrub regularly, is the best way to remove the dead cells and have a fresh looking skin.
Well, this will take some time, but if you do this thrice a week, you will see good results within 3-4 weeks. You can use a paste of baking soda and water, which is one of the best homemade exfoliating scrubs. Use it every day while you take a bath, and then apply one of the undermentioned moisturizers, to avoid the problem of dry and flaky skin.

Use Natural Moisturizers

Instead of the expensive and unsafe skin creams and lotions, you can just pick one of the natural oils available at your home, and apply it on your skin.
Olive oil, coconut oil, or almond oil are extremely beneficial in improving the texture of your skin. These will keep your skin soft and nourished, and also help to even out the skin tone.

Try these Masks

There are some homemade masks you can use for getting even skin tone. Apply lemon juice on your skin daily for a few weeks.
It is known to be a natural bleaching agent that is very effective in improving the skin texture. Raw potato and cucumber paste is also effective for treating uneven skin tone. Application of tomato paste is also beneficial for curing this problem and giving you an even skin tone.

Protect Your Skin

While you follow the aforementioned remedies, make sure you keep your skin protected from changing weather conditions and pollution. This will ensure faster results and prevent further damage to the skin.
Use sun protection umbrellas, hats, and coats to prevent tanning.
Keeping the skin clean and dry helps in protecting it from dirt, dust, and pollution. If you do not notice any improvement after following the remedies, it is best to consult a dermatologist. He can prescribe you the necessary treatment. Follow the tips given by your doctor to get the best results.