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Types of Hairbrushes

Neha Joshi
The type, texture, and length of your hair, will determine the type of hairbrush you need to use. Find out which one suits you the best.
How much importance or thought do you give while choosing your hairbrush? Most of us, hardly look at anything else but the look of the hairbrush, isn't it? Choosing the right hairbrush is very important or rather crucial, depending on your haircut. Choosing the wrong hairbrush can lead to unnecessary hair fall and breakage.
You also need to know which brush to use for what. In this article, we give you all the necessary information one needs while choosing the right hairbrush.



A paddle hairbrush comes with a wide, flattened surface. It's used for styling long hair and smoothing them when wet. A cushioned design with ball-tipped tines will give more volume to your hair, while a simple paddle brush will help you in smoothing out your long, straight hair. This brush also reduces drying time, as it goes through large amount of hair at once. It should ideally be 3-inches wide.

Cushion Style

A cushion hairbrush has an air-filled rubber cushion at the base, below the bristles. The bristles come out of this rubber cushion, which helps in not being hard on the scalp. The bristles in these brushes are usually rounded. This brush also helps in smoothing long hair, helping it remain knot free for a longer time.


A sculpting hairbrush is mostly used for styling. It usually has a rectangular base for bristles and has many uses but one. It helps in adding volume to short haircuts. If you are blow drying, this hairbrush is very helpful as it helps you hold all your hair in place. In a similar fashion, you can also use it while applying serums and other styling products.


Round or radial hairbrushes are brushes that are extensively used for generating curly hairstyles. These are very useful in styling medium-sized hair and while just brushing, they leave curls towards the end. These brushes are round and have bristles all over the 360-degree surface.
These hairbrushes are usually used while blow drying. A half-radial hairbrush is nothing but a radial brush cut exactly into half. One side of this brush is flat while the other is curved with bristles.


These type of brushes are really unique. They have heat-conducting materials in between them. Thus, while blow drying hair, with the heat from the blow dryer, even these hairbrushes heat up. Due to this, the heat works not only on the surface of the hair, but also internally while combing.
You just have to be careful as the brush can sometimes get really heated, causing scorching. These are available in flat and round shapes.


Military hairbrushes don't have a handle. They just have a base with bristles, which you are supposed to hold in your palms and then brush your hair. This type of hairbrush is usually used by men or by a few women who have really short hair.
Some of these have a simple base, but some do have an air-filled cushion. Depending on how much you spend, you can choose bristles from stainless steel, nylon, boar bristles, or horse hair.


These hairbrushes have vents surrounding the base of bristles. The sole purpose of these vents is to circulate the heat while blow drying the hair. Circulation of heat helps in better styling of the hair, and also helps the styling to last more.


A comb is less of a hairbrush, as it is made up of the same material as the handle. It has teeth in place of bristles and is one of the oldest tools used for combing hair. The materials that are usually used to make combs are ABS plastic, Rosewood, New Guinea Rosewood, Polyacetal, Ebony, and Beech.
Now that you know all these different types of hairbrushes, choose the one that suits your needs the best. Choosing the right hairbrush for the right purpose can prove beneficial in more ways than one. It will reduce hair fall, increase volume, avoid unnecessary breakage, and will enhance hair growth.
Remember, hairbrushes don't only sort out knots, but also increase blood circulation of the scalp, thus enhancing growth. Cleaning hairbrushes is also simple. It can be done at home by washing them in shampoo water and taking out the hair stuck at base by a thin-pointed object.