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Types of Eye Makeup Brushes

Tulika Nair
A foolproof way of going from ordinary to drop-dead gorgeous is to apply eye makeup. To apply makeup to one's eyes properly it is important that you learn to use the different eye makeup brushes.
Eyes have been famously called the window to one's soul. It may be a cliched thought but is one that holds a lot of truth. Happiness, sadness, fear, anger, every emotion that you feel reflects in your eyes. What is the first thing that you notice about another person? Well, apart from their general appearance, a lot of us tend to notice a person's eyes.
This is especially true for a woman. With the right makeup your eyes can look absolutely divine. But in order to apply makeup correctly, you need to have not only the right makeup but also the right applicators.

Eye Makeup Brushes

Even if you know exactly how to choose the correct eye makeup brush, you need to know what the different brushes that you need in your vanity case are. Every type of makeup that you apply needs a different type of applicator. There are many different makeup brushes and their uses are varied.
Most brushes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The variation of an eye makeup brush is decided by not only its shape, but the fineness of the bristles, the length, the density of the brush, etc. Depending on all these factors, the purpose of the brush changes.

Angle Brush

When makeup artists want to give definition to the lash line, the eyebrows and the crease of the eyes, then this is the makeup applicant tool that they use. These brushes are designed in such a manner that they make the application of eyeliner much simpler.
Angle brushes allow for precision which is essential when you are trying to make a finite line. These brushes have slanted bristles making up a flat tipped brush that is firm. The angular shape also ensures that even those areas that are hard to reached are colored properly.

Eye Shadow Brush

As the name suggests, this brush is used for the application of eye shadow. For any woman who applies eye makeup regularly owning a good quality eye shadow brush is essential. This is a brush that ensures the makeup is applied not only properly and neatly.
With a good eye shadow brush the absorption of color and the application of color becomes extremely simple. There are many different types of eye shadow brushes available in the market. Choose one according to what seems most convenient to you.

Eyeliner Applicator

Most eyeliners available in the market come with an applicator which generally has a tapered and slim shape that makes it easy to apply eyeliner, especially of the liquid type.
You can choose to buy a specially available eyeliner brush that can be used with liquid, cream, and gel liners. Buy a flat eyeliner brush that is not only tapered but also has a sense of firmness about it so that it allows you to apply the eyeliner in a clean line.

Primer Brush

As with any form of makeup, it is important that you first condition and apply a base coat to the area of makeup application.
A primer brush is used to apply the base eye shadow or foundation to the eyelid in order to ensure that the area is smooth enough for the application of eye shadow. With a smooth canvas, it is easier to blend in the eye shadows together.

Mascara Brush

In order to apply mascara, like the eyeliner, you generally get a wand with the mascara but there are many women who would rather buy their own mascara brush.
While buying a mascara brush, use one that rolls well and has bristles that roll upwards properly so that you can apply mascara without much trouble. Ensure that you wash the mascara brush and clean it properly after every application.

Smudge Brush

This brush is used for lining the eye and creating soft contours. Made from short hair and flat in design, they are uniquely shaped and so easiest to recognize amongst all the other types of brushes for eye makeup.
While the tip of the brush is slightly rounded, the brush is flattened. Using a smudge brush helps bring a sense of depth to the eyes. Familiar with the smoky eyes look that is so popular these days? Well, the smudge brush is an important tool in creating that look because of the richness and sheer star quality that it imparts.
These are the main types of eye makeup brushes that every woman should necessarily possess in her makeup case. With proper eye makeup you can go from girl next door to sultry Goddess in a matter or minutes. And it is a transformation that is going to be hard to miss for sure.