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Two Toned Hair Color Ideas

Get them in chunks, streaks, or ombre-style, two tone hair color looks ravishing and fresh. Read on to find some amazing suggestions on altering the way you look.
Sheetal Mandora
Oftentimes, when we wish to follow the latest hair styling trends, we're not really left with a lot of choices. And when it comes to adapting those trends, it could mean a world of difference.
We look at models on television and look at their photographs in fashion magazines; and we just can't help but think how would we look if that particular hairstyle and/or color was followed.
Needless to say, if we make up our minds about some trend to follow, there's really no turning back. But this should be done with caution because even the safest hair color and/or style can change our appearance. And if you wish to make a bold statement without having to risk too much, you can opt for two toned hair colors.

Ideas for Brunettes

For brunettes, there are many colors with two tones that can be adopted. Even those who have black hair can apply the following suggestions. And depending on the length of your hair, you can bring a fab new look to your old hairstyle.

Short Hair

If you have short brunette or black hair, the colors you can choose are black and blonde, black and dark brown, black and burgundy, black and red, black and hot pink, orange, or purple (for bolder look). But do remember, your skin tone makes a huge difference in the final selection of the color tones.
You can do streaks, patches, or do an under layer color. If you are searching for hair color ideas for black women, then the black and blonde, black and dark brown, or black and burgundy colors are ideal. Make sure you consult your hairstylist before making any major changes to your natural hair color.

Long Hair

Women with long brunette or black hair can think on the same color tones as mentioned for short hair. Here as well, you can think of doing highlights or choose under layer coloring (either the upper strands or the lower ones).
If you have long brunette hair, then keep the natural color of the roots and give an under layer color to the sweeping layers to give it a natural look.

Ideas for Blondes

Blondes have it best, or do they? If you happen to choose unflattering color tones, then it could mean disaster for your beautiful blonde hair. Which is why, proceed with caution and do take advice from your hairstylist to make sure you are selecting the right color tones to complement the natural hair color, type, and skin tone.

Short Hair

There are many different color tones in blonde - platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, golden blonde, pale blonde, honey blonde, etc. Depending on the natural blonde hair which you have, the two tone color ideas can be discussed.
For strawberry blonde hair color, the other tone can be either black, dark brown, or dark red. For platinum blonde, black suits really well (think Emo). For honey blonde, black, light brown, red, and burgundy goes really good.

Long Hair

If you have long, beautiful flowing blonde hair, then your choices just got better. You can give yourself tons of different looks with the two tones like streaks, under layer, patches, only roots, or only ends of hair. Here you can go as bold or as conservative as you want.
If you are looking to alter your personality in a dramatic way, choose contrasting colors to your natural blonde. As for being conservative, you can use lighter or darker shades of your natural blonde hair color. Both the alternatives will look really good on long blonde hair.

Ideas for Redheads

Even though there are other two tone hair color choices for redheads, there is no guarantee it will look good on everyone. First of all, you've got to have that attitude to carry the color tones properly and your skin tone has to be taken into consideration as well.
Majority of women who have red hair color, they have a fair skin tone. This can be a bit of an issue when choosing bold color tones.

Short Hair

If you happen to go with the latest hair color trends, then you'll know that for short red hair, the two tone color choices are orange, burgundy, and black. How you incorporate these colors to your natural hair color is a little tricky.
You could follow the safer choice of streaks, but your haircut has to be just right which keeps the dimensions of your face in mind. As for going bold, you can include platinum blonde and red hair colors.

Long Hair

Finally, for long red hair, we are looking for flowing, almost incorporated color tones. This is a subtle way of giving your natural hair color a different look. You can choose from orange, burgundy, red, or black color and use it to include as an under layer color.
The two distinct colors won't look too bold as upper hair strands will be a translucent cover for the color underneath.
The different colors for long and short hair, which we just discussed, should not be taken lightly. A professional help and/or consultation is very important when making the final decision.
As mentioned earlier, the natural hair color and your skin tone are the basis of finalizing the other color tone(s). If you are having second thoughts or can't decide, you can ask your hairstylist to do a small patch of hair to see if the other color tone is suiting you or not. Then perhaps the decision can become a bit simpler.