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Easy Steps to Attain Twist Out on Natural Hair

Sheetal Mandora
Regardless of the length of your hair, you can easily transition your natural hair into this style. Read this post to find a step-by-step explanation on the twist out style.
There is some kind of fascination between women and their hair. Or should we say that it's a love affair. Every hair strand has to be in its right place, or all hell breaks loose. No matter where we go, the hair makes a statement every time.

How the Hairstyle is Done

Your hair should have fullness, volume, and be flexible enough to twist into coils or curls. If your hair can do this, your hair is perfectly ideal for the twists. Depending on the length of your hair, the shape of the twists and how they fall into place will be determined.
Apart from this, you need to know, in order to get the perfect twists your haircut has to be right. So if you haven't been to the salon for a trim recently, do make an appointment. A good haircut is the foundation for a gorgeous hairstyle. Keeping this in mind, let's move onto our hairstyle and see how it can be done with very few easy steps.
• To get the best results, shampoo your hair as you normally do. Apply a deep conditioner, and rinse your hair thoroughly.
• Separate your hair into small partitions with a wide-toothed comb. Use the comb through your hair so there are no tangles remaining. We need the hair to be tangle free so that the twists are neat, and even.
• Wrap your hair in a clean cotton towel to soak up excess water. After this, either use a hair dryer or let your hair air dry; but not completely dry. We want them only 80―85% dry.
• Take hair serum in your palms, and apply on your hair. Again divide hair into small sections, and comb hair one more time.
• Along with the serum, you will also require an alcohol-free holding gel that won't dry your hair. Apply this gel from the roots till the ends.
• Take an even smaller section of hair, and divide it into 2 parts.
• Begin twisting the 2 sections you just made. Once you reach the end of the strands, twist the entire twist into a bantu knot. Secure the knot on your scalp properly.
• Repeat the steps all over your head, and make as many bantu knots as you can. Once all the twists are done, let your hair dry completely.
• When your hair is dry, open the knots you made to let your twists fall in place. Use hairspray to keep the twists in place or style however you like; and that's all there's to it.
Every night, before going to bed, do make sure you wrap a satin scarf around your head. This will protect the twists from messing up, and keep them neat. Also, over time your twists might get loose. To re-twist them, just follow the steps we discussed earlier and you'll be alright.