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Twist Hairstyles for Girls

Mamta Mule
Twisted hairstyles give an extremely pretty look and suit most of the hair types. Here are some ideas that you can try out.
Twist hairdos are much popular amongst women of all ages. Be it a casual occasion or a formal event, you can sport this hairstyle with panache. So, when you plan to tie up your locks and give them a wonderful look, opting for one of the following hairstyles can be a great idea.

Twist Buns

Twisted updos are a hot favorite of many. You can opt for the lovely French twist if you have straight hair. Wearing a simple twisted bun if you have wavy hair is also a great idea. These look wonderful with side swept bangs.

Simple Twists

Simple twists can look extremely wonderful. Moreover, these offer you a quick fix when you are in a hurry or not sure how to pull back your locks.
Side part your hair. Now, loosely grab the strands from the left side. Pull back only those strands near your hairline. Twist them a bit tight and keep on twisting till you reach the crown. Now, clip them using a hair pin at the backside of your head.
Twist the right side strands in the similar fashion and clip them back. Leave the rest of your locks open. This hairstyle suits straight, wavy, as well as curly hair.

Sectioned Twists

Sectioned twists are quite popular in black women. To tie your hair in this style, you have to part your hair in 4-5 sections, perpendicular to your hairline.
Now, start from the section near your left ear. Twist it starting from the hairline till an inch before your crown. Clip it using small bobby pin. Now, work on the next sections in a similar way.
Once you are done, you can either tie up the rest of the hair into a pony or leave them free. Add colorful tic-tac clips to the twists for a funky look.

Strand Twists

Strand twists are popular in African-American women. Make sections of 2-inches, take a section, twist it tight starting from the scalp till the ends.
Now, coil it and pin it at its base (on the scalp). Now, work on the next section. Once you finish twisting all sections, tie a silk scarf and leave them for at least 24 hours. Remove the clips and slowly release the coiled strands to have a wonderful looking hairstyle.