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How to Use a Triple Barrel Curling Iron

A triple barrel curling iron gives your tresses a smooth finish, and natural-looking waves. Read the story to find steps on how to use this machine.
Sheetal Mandora
Commonly known as a waving iron, or a triple barrel waver, the triple barrel curling iron is an appliance that does more than just curl your hair. Rather than giving you well-defined curls, this iron gives you gorgeous waves. Although there are different types of curling iron available, this one falls under a separate category.

How to Use the Iron

First of all, your hair will become wavy, and not get those dramatic curls. And second of all, whether you have silky, straight hair or naturally wavy hair, this iron will contour it perfectly. Here are a few tips to get the flawless waves.
  • Before you begin, get a comb, hairspray, hair clip, hair serum, and of course, the iron. Once you gather all the items together, go to the next step.
  • First we will comb hair to remove any and all tangles from it. It is important that there are no knots in your hair before we use the iron.
  • Meanwhile, turn the iron on and let it heat properly (which shouldn't take that long).
  • Part your hair in 2 sections right from the middle of your head. Tie one side of your hair with the hair clip to get it out of the way.
  • Take hair serum in your palm (dime size) and apply it on the hair that is not tied. Use both hands to rub the serum through the hair properly.
  • Just keep one thing in mind. While applying the hair serum, don't go too close to the roots of your hair. It will make your hair look dirty and limp.
  • Apply serum to the tips of your hair as it requires protection the most.
  • After you have applied the serum, make small sections of your hair (depending on how thick or thin your hair is) to use the iron.
  • Starting from the roots, place the iron near the roots for about 2―5 seconds and slowly work your way down towards the tips.
  • If after the first application, the hair isn't what you hoped or wanted, use the iron on the same section of hair again.
  • One by one, work on all the sections of the one side of head. Untie the other side, apply the hair serum, and repeat the steps for ironing here as well.
  • In the end, you can use hairspray to keep the waves intact.

A Few Details about the Iron

As the name suggests, the iron has 3 distinct metal barrels. Depending on which brand you choose, these barrels can be made of either ceramic, metallic, or tourmaline. If you happen to purchase this iron, buy either the ceramic or the tourmaline kind. These barrels produce negative ions, and it won't harm your hair even after long use. As far as metallic barrels are concerned, it produces positive ions which can harm your hair.
These barrels give you the 'S' wave to your hair, making it appear flowy instead of getting those tight, round curls. The three barrels work in unison to give you smooth, non-frizzy hair while transforming it appearance. As for the temperature control and heat settings, there will slight alterations from brand to brand.