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17 Trendy Side Braid Hairstyles for Weddings

Buzzle Staff
Trendy, beautiful, and totally stylish side braids can complement your look on any occasion. This story brings you 17 swoon worthy side braid hairstyles that you can flaunt at weddings.

Quick Tip

To get some texture and volume in your hair, curl your hair before braiding them. If your hair is very thin, opt for extensions.
Braids are timeless and totally in style. Also, you can easily experiment with the styling and customize them. This versatility makes them perfect for any occasion like parties, proms, and weddings. You can choose from English braids, ponytail braids, waterfall braids, or French braids.
Whether your hair is short or long, thick or thin, black or blonde, you can sport a side braid hairstyle. These days, many celebrities are seen flaunting chic and trendy side braids. Some of these hairstyles are easy to do, while others are intricate.
Be careful while choosing one, as the hairstyle can make or break your overall look. And especially so for a wedding; for it's the day when you want to look your best. Side braid hairstyles look trendy and the right accessories and styling can glamorize your look. Here, we give you some amazing side braid wedding hairstyles with pictures.

Side Braid Hairstyles for Weddings

● Don't want to braid all your hair? Then just braid the bangs! This style is good for short hair too.
● That's a variant of simple fishtail side braid; albeit it's slightly messy. Use flowers or beads for a glamorous look. That's a thick fishtail side braid complimented with braided bangs for a stylish look. It's most-suited for thick hair.
● You can go for a simple fishtail side braid glamorized with a beautiful floral headgear.

● Start braiding your hair from one side and then braid towards the other side for a trendy twisted look. Super chic, we say!
● Leave your bangs open and make small braids with the rest of your hair. Now combine them to make a single side braid. Don't forget to accessorize with flowers.

● Make soft waves, and then a very loose side braid. Curl your bangs and leave them open. Wear flowers on one side to accessorize the braid.
● A loosely tied side braid with a floral crown looks beautiful. Add hair accessories complimenting the crown. Use white for a soft, romantic look.

● Four-strand side braid is another classy option. Add a side twist for a more trendy look and accessorize with flowers if you like.
● Waterfall side braid also looks elegant. Braid all your hair or only a part of them.

● If you have long and thick hair, go for two-strand twisted side braid. Make two sections of the hair and twist them together.
● You can also try a variant of the simple fishtail side braid. The difference is that it is accessorized with one flower, making the hairstyle look simple yet elegant.

● Part your hair in the middle, and start braiding both the sections separately from the top. Twist the two braids together for a textured twisted side braid.
● Make a lot of braids (fishtail or French). Combine some and leave a couple of small braids loose. Accessorize with flowers.

● Make a normal three-strand braid. Use a ribbon as the third strand. Braid from the top for a more dramatic look. Use more than one ribbon for a colorful effect.
● You can try a variant of the waterfall braid. The difference is that it is not as well-defined as the normal one. This hairstyle is perfect for a fairytale-like look.

● Braid your hair and use beads complimenting your jewelry, to enhance the look.
We are sure you have loved these side braid hairstyles. Flaunt them at weddings and make heads turn.