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Treatment for Dry Hair

Reshma Jirage
Dry hair looks very thin, dull and rough. such hair is more prone to various kinds of damage. You have to take extreme care for the same. So, for your purpose, here are some treatments and home remedies to help you get rid of those 'dead' locks. Take a look.
Silky, shiny hair is a sign of good health. But everybody is not blessed with healthy hair. Every person has a different hair type such as normal, oily or dry. Very few people have normal hair type. Oily hair tend to become sticky quickly. Dry hair can be identified by their rough and dull appearance. They look lifeless with frizziness and split ends. They are difficult to brush or comb. They are susceptible to damage, tangles and breakage.


The main cause of dry hair is lack of moisture. Moisture is required to maintain the normal texture and sheen of the hair. When the cuticle becomes highly weathered and porous, the cortex is not able to retain water. It makes the hair dry and rough.
Some common causes of dry hair are environmental damage due to heat, sunrays and outside chemicals, chemical damage due to bleach, color or perms and mechanical damage by curling irons, blow-drying or hot rollers.
Overuse of heat-styling equipment, harsh weather conditions, excessive use of shampoos and conditioners containing harsh chemicals and misuse of perms or color are also responsible for making the hair dry.
Besides this, some people are born with dry hair. Each factor reduces the moisture content of hair, due to which hair loses its bounce, elasticity and suppleness. Dryness may also result from sebum deficiency on the hair surface because of absence or decrease in sebaceous gland secretions. Dry hair can be a symptom of certain metabolic disorders such as Menkes kinky hair syndrome and hypothyroidism.

How to Treat

If you have dry hair, then you should be very watchful about the hair care. You immediately need to seek the treatment for dry hair; else they will get damaged and break easily. You may also suffer from severe hair loss. Here are some effective solutions to treat your dry hair
  • Don't frequently wash your hair. Most people tend to wash hair too frequently and apply shampoos and conditioners. Most shampoos and hair cleaning products consist of harsh chemicals. These chemicals reduce the moisture content of your hair and make them dry.

  • You should use the hair care products that are free from chemicals. Shampoos and conditioners containing humectants are recommended. Humectants attract moisture to the hair and keep them moist. Generally, these products contain proteins, which strengthen the hair. Low pH shampoos are excellent for the hair, as they don't make the cuticles to lift.
Heat is very harmful for dry hair. If you have to spend a lot of time in sunlight, then use a good hair sunscreen. While going outdoor or traveling, protect your hair with a hat or headscarf. Dry your hair naturally whenever possible. Avoid using blow-dryer or hair dryer as much as possible.
  • Avoid use of shampoo for every washing. Instead, rinse them with water only. Don't use mousse, but use a thickening lotion.
  • Brush your hair frequently using a bristle brush, so that the natural oil spreads in the hair shafts.

  • You can apply a spray-on shine-conditioning product for a short-term use. It offers instant sheen and a healthy-looking appearance.
  • Chemical treatments such as coloring, perming or relaxing make the hair dry and rough. Hence, try to avoid these treatments on your hair.

  • Proper nutrition is very essential for the health of hair. Drink plenty of water everyday, which helps retain the moisture in your hair. Have a balanced and healthy diet, containing abundant proteins and essential fatty acids.

Home Remedies

  • Hair massage with olive oil, safflower oil, coconut oil, castor oil or lavender oil is beneficial for hair and scalp. Massage your scalp with any or combination of these oils. It provides essential oils and moisture to your hair as well as improves blood circulation.
  • You can use some homemade remedies to treat your dry hair. Add two tablespoons of gram flour to a cup of coconut milk and apply it on your scalp and hair. Massage gently and leave for about five minutes. Then rinse the hair.
  • Mix an egg in a cupful of skimmed milk. Apply this mixture into the scalp. Leave it for about 5 minutes. Then thoroughly wash your hair.¬†
  • If your hair is excessively damaged, then it's better to consult the doctor.
Disclaimer: This story is for informative purposes only and does not in any way attempt to replace the advice offered by an expert on the subject.