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Tourmaline Flat Iron Benefits

Sheetal Mandora
Are tourmaline flat irons safe? Do they give better results than other flat irons? Are there any tourmaline flat iron benefits? Find answers to these questions in the following article...
Nowadays, we hear that if you want to find the best flat iron, go with the tourmaline flat iron brands. But what I want to know is why tourmaline? What's so special in these flat irons? Of course, every woman (and some men who use flat irons) want smooth, straight looking hair. We all have our occasional bad hair day where hair is literally going in every possible way. The use of straighteners becomes that much important and achieve the look we were originally looking for.
Everyday, with new and more advanced technology, we are reaching towards finding safer, more effective manners of taking care of our hair while using flat irons. And the newest technology in making flat irons is using a stone named tourmaline. In this article, we will not only go over the tourmaline iron benefits, but also provide you helpful tips on how to purchase a flat iron that suits your hair type and texture.

Benefits of Tourmaline Hair Straighteners

Tourmaline isn't just a stone; it is a semi-precious gemstone which is very easily found in countries like Russia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Australia, Afghanistan, Burma, the U.S., and Madagascar. When this gemstone is heated, it has the ability of charging electrically. And hence, this is one of the main reasons to use this gemstone while making the plates for flat irons. Here are some of the benefits of using this flat iron you should be aware of.
  • Tourmaline straightening irons can heat three times faster than other metals like ceramic and don't have any cold spots.
  • Compared to ceramic ions, tourmaline straighteners produce six times the negative ions that give us shiny hair.
  • Many times, the metals found in different hair straighteners may harm the hair's cuticle. In tourmaline irons, even at high temperature, the plates help in sealing the hair's cuticle. This is the reason why we get such smooth hair.
Due to micro-porous technology, the flat iron plates help lock the natural moisture of our hair. This inversely is beneficial because our hair is protected from burning or damaging.
  • If there is any static and frizz in our hair, then it is said that there is positive charge in them. The flat iron neutralizes this positive charge(as it has 6 times the negative ions).
  • In less amount of time,you can straighten and style your hair anyway you like.Since you take less time to style your hair,you are protecting your hair from damage due to heat.

  • The variable heat settings work on all hair types. Which means, you don't have to worry about finding the right hair straightener that will specifically work for your hair.
  • Due to the infrared heat technology, tourmaline straighteners not only make your hair silky smooth but they also keep hair straight for a longer period of time.

Tips for Purchasing a Flat Iron

Before you purchase the best flat iron in the market, let me ask you this. Are you aware of what you should be looking for in a flat iron? Do you think the size of the plates matter the most, or the heating time? The top 6 factors that should be kept in mind while shopping for flat irons are..
  • Straightener's power and heat settings
  • Material of the plates
  • The actual size of the plates
  • Weight of the flat iron
  • Is it a well-known brand
  • The price of the straightener
To find the best tourmaline flat iron in the market, the best thing to do is read the reviews for different brands. This way you can make the decision properly.
Now even though tourmaline iron benefits look promising, styling your hair with heat on a regular basis will, sometime in the future, turn into a disadvantage. So give yourself and your hair a break once in a while. Style your natural hair type without using styling products. Sometimes even they need a few days to breathe freely.