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Tired Eyes and Dark Circles

Saptakee Sengupta
Eyes are probably the most important sensory organ for humans, and they are constantly stressed by our modern lifestyle, leading to dark circles and various other ailments. Read on to know more...
Dark circles usually appear in the form of dark brownish patches under the eyes. They gradually turn darker. Constantly looking at the computer screen or watching TV causes dry eyes. Dark circles also result from the deficiency of several necessary nutrients.
Rubbing Eyes: If you constantly rub your eyes, you are not only damaging the delicate organs themselves, but are also unduly stretching the frail, thin skin around them. This behavior s very harmful for the eyes over a long period of time, and should always be avoided.
Stress and Depression: All psychological disorders have some effect on the body, and depression is the worst among them. It causes hormonal imbalances, sleep deprivation, which damages the eyes and hampers their normal functioning.
Allergies and Infection: Dust allergies and infections cause redness in and around eyes. Severe eye infections cause irritation and discomfort. Furthermore, you always feel like scratching your eyes, which further aggravates the condition.
Aging: Sometimes the simplest reason is it. As skin ages, it becomes less and less flexible, and loses its allure.
Deficiency: Deficiency of vitamins and proteins often gives rise to dark circles. Lack of iron in the body is one of the most common reasons behind circles under the eyes.
Alcoholism: Excessive intake of alcohol is bound to give rise to bags under eyes. Swelling of the eyelids is also one of the effects of alcoholism.
Chronic Dehydration: The skin requires water to look as shiny and fresh as you want it to. A lack of water in the body becomes apparent as the skin around eyes gets stretched. The condition normalizes after consumption of enough water.


These interrelated conditions can be treated at home with some easily available home remedies. Doctors also prescribe certain medications, and under-eye creams are also available in the market.
  • The most important factor is the inclusion of plenty of water along with a healthy diet. The required amount of water varies according to the individual, but make it a point to drink at least 5-6 glasses in a day.
  • Adequate sleep is necessary to get rid of puffy eyes. You must sleep at least 6-7 hours a day to reduce exhaustion and tiredness.
  • Work towards making your life stress-free. lifestyle by including some form of exercise as a part of your daily routine.
  • Put slices of cucumber above your eyes for half an hour. Close your eyes and relax. This will relax the eyes, and hydrate the skin around them.
  • You can also take a swab of cotton in fresh cucumber juice mixed with rose water, and use it as a compress over the eyes twice a day.
  • Massage the affected area with almond oil before going to sleep.
  • Close your eyes and cover them with cold chamomile tea bags for some time.
  • Include iron in your diet. Iron-rich whole grains and vegetables like spinach, beans, tofu must form a major part of your meal.
  • If your working hours force you to sit before computer for prolonged time, make sure you take intervals in between. Splash water on your face occasionally to avoid eye strain. Perform some eye exercises at your work station.
Puffiness, tired eyes, dark circles, etc. result from an unhealthy lifestyle and improper diet. This can be cured easily if the home remedies and the healthy ways of living your life are followed regularly. Seek a doctor's advice if these symptoms persist.