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Tips to Make Hair Grow Faster

Parashar Joshi
Everyone wants a head full of hair, but not everyone gets their wish fulfilled. Do you want to grow your hair? Here are few tips to make hair grow faster.
Your hair and how you wear it, happens to be one of the many factors which contribute significantly towards your look, appearance, and style. Different people have different preferences and comfort zones when it comes to growing their hair. Some like it short, others like it curly, and quite a few like to wear them long.

Some Tips

First and foremost, hair growth is a process that takes its own time. The time required differs from person to person. There is no magic potion or wonder lotion which will result in your hair growing six inches overnight.
You need to realize that there are multiple factors that are involved in the process of hair growth, some of which happen to be your overall health, diet, scalp health, hair care activities, etc. All these factors have a cumulative impact on the health and growth rate of your hair. Here are a few pointers that help in quick hair growth.

Regular Washing

The first thing to do is to get the basics right. Regular washing with a good shampoo will help in cleaning your hair as well as the scalp. Shampooing helps in removing all traces of dirt, dandruff, dry flakes, and other hair care product residue that may otherwise accumulate on the scalp.
Depending on your lifestyle and your hair type, you can choose between strong, mild, gentle, or everyday use shampoos and hair conditioners. Clean hair is healthy, and the more healthy it is, the better it will grow.

Protein Intake

Most of you would know that your hair is actually made out of protein. It is true that your hair is a reflection of your overall health and diet. A person with a balanced diet will have strong and healthy hair as opposed to a person whose diet is lacking in vital, essential nutrients.
Improving the protein intake in your diet can help in making your hair strong and healthy and promoting better hair growth. For that purpose, you could consider eating protein-rich food such as eggs, fish, chicken, sprouts, pulses, etc.

Hair Oil

Oiling your hair a few times a week does work wonders for both the health and the growth of your hair. Almond oil, coconut oil, and olive oil are good options when it comes to hair oils.
At the same time, using a few essential oils such as jojoba oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, etc., in combination with one of the aforementioned hair oils, offers many benefits with respect to hair care and hair growth.

Head Massages

Head massages in this context, refers to both massaging your head as well as focusing on your scalp. Regularly massaging your scalp using the tips of your fingers is said to be immensely beneficial for overall hair care. This is because it improves the blood circulation in the scalp which results in more blood being supplied to the underlying cells.
As a result, the cells get stimulated, the hair follicles become stronger and your hair gets a new shine and added strength. Scalp massaging can be done anytime during the day using hair oil or otherwise, although it is believed that massaging your scalp using hair oil at night, before retiring to bed, really works wonders.

Regular Trimming

This may, somewhat, seem a contradictory point. However, it is true that regular trimming helps hair growth to a certain extent. It doesn't mean that you should chop off long lengths of your hair. Just trimming the dead ends or cutting a couple of centimeters at the tip is sufficient.


Certain yoga exercises, asanas and postures are known for their role in boosting hair growth and improving hair health.
Yoga poses such as the headstand, camel pose, cobra pose, and cow pose help in improving blood circulation to the scalp, thereby strengthening your hair and boosting hair growth.
Following the aforementioned tips might prove beneficial to foster fast hair growth. Remember, eat healthy and stay fit, to look great and to maintain one's overall health.