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Tips to Get Pink Lips Naturally

Vinita Tahalramani
Natural means that comes from nature. Simple it is!
Making it more simple, we give you some doable tips for beautiful pink lips.
Scrub it to Rub it!
Mix 1 tsp of sugar, honey and lemon juice each and add few drops of rose water to make the magical scrub.
Beetroot is not Just to Eat
Apply grated beetroot juice on you lips for 15 mins and that too for 2 times a week to have quick results.
Use Hydrating Honey and Aloe Vera
So, here we give you 2 tips:
  • Use Aloe vera gel and honey mixture as a mask for lips.
  • Eating 1 spoon of honey every night helps discoloration.
Oiling Helps 😉
Gentle massage of your lips aids blood circulation.
Brush Your Lips
Hey! It is not a typo. It is a tip to follow. For best exfoliation of your lips your toothbrush comes to your rescue.
Be Selective
Choose your lipsticks wisely. It is really important to have chemical-free or very less chemical lipsticks on your vanity table.
Pre is Best for Post
Do have a pre lipstick regime which majorly includes moisturizing the lips well before applying lipstick.
Do you know? Whatever is inside shows outside!
So, basically your food somewhere does reflect in the color of your skin.
Green Tea
Apply soaked tea bag on your lips or drink a cup daily for discoloration of lips, making them naturally pink gradually!
Eating this brain-shaped nut, a rich source of fatty acids, promotes lip moisturization.

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This Vitamin C rich fruit provides protection from sun damage and skin ageing. So, adding a few drop in your meal is an easy way to consume it.
Trust me, it has the skin lightening property, and hence, adding it in your meals will surely get you near to your goal.
Remember: Eat it or apply it organic helps maintaining good health of your lips. So, start having nutrition packed foods.
Disclaimer: Though the things to apply on lips are natural, do not use these if allergic to any.