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Tips on Preventing Hair Loss

Here are some tips on preventing hair loss, that should help you to tackle this problem effectively.
Kashmira Lad
If you shy away from brushing your hair, or the sight of a comb gives you the shivers, then you are not the only one. A huge number of people across the globe fret about hair loss. A gentle brushing can give nightmares to such people, who would hate watching precious strands of hair fall all around the place.
Hair breakage and inadvertent loss can happen due to a variety of reasons. Your diet habits and your hair care regime has an effect on the texture and look of your tresses. Use the following tips to avoid a number of hair problems, along with breakage.

Tips to Prevent Hair Fall

 Do not brush or comb your hair when wet. This is, because wet hair is in a delicate stage, and if combed, it would only weaken the strands, and cause them to break.
• Heard about the golden rule of brushing your hair till the count of 100, before you go to bed at night? This may not always work in your favor. Brushing your hair stimulates the blood flow, but over-brushing your hair can have adverse effects. It can damage your hair, and weaken the roots as well.
• The kind of cosmetics use for your hair has an effect on its texture. Strong shampoos and conditioners can result in hair loss. They strip the hair and scalp of the natural oils, and the presence of strong chemicals can cause harm to the delicate strands. In such cases, use herbal or mild shampoos to cleanse your hair gently, causing them lesser harm.
• A good exercise routine not only helps to keep your body fit, but also helps prevent hair loss. A healthy mind and body leads to healthy hair.
• Avoid using shampoo directly on your scalp. Take a small quantity, and add some water to it before applying. Use your fingertips to gently massage your scalp, but avoid scratching it with your fingernails. This might cause scarring, resulting in weakened follicles.
• Harsh sunrays can damage your hair, and hence, overexposure ought to be avoided. Use a stylish hat, or tie a scarf around your hair if you need to step out into the sun. Beat the heat in true style.
• Dandruff also leads to the loss of this priceless glory. To get rid of dandruff, rinse your hair, using the juice of half a lemon with a liter of water. You can even leave it on for sometime, before washing it off.
• The kind of hairstyle you sport can also be a reason for hair fall. Wearing tight hairstyles, such as ponytails or hair braids, can cause your hair to undergo too much stress due to the tension applied on the strands.
• Harsh chemical treatments have a very negative effect. Excessive coloring or perming the hair will rob your hair of its natural texture. Therefore, be proud of your natural tresses, and avoid experimenting with them.
• Keep stress away, as much as possible, as it is one of the main causes for hair loss. The happier you would be from within, the glossier your hair will appear.
• A healthy, balanced diet helps to prevent hair breakage. Soybean, spinach, walnuts, tuna, sardines, and foods that include vitamins are very important for your health and subsequently, your hair.
Thus, you can see that there are many factors involved in having healthy and shiny hair. Let's hope that these tips help you manage your tresses. Also, learn to minus the stress from your life for shiny, bouncy hair.