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Tips for Growing Thicker Hair

Aastha Dogra
Follow the story for suggested tips for growing thicker hair and see the difference they make to the texture and appearance of your mane.
Every woman desires to a have long, thick, and shiny mane that is the envy of all other women and makes men swoon. In our fast-paced lives, women don't get much time to go to salons and take treatments for improving the texture and condition of their crowning glory.
Anyway, most of these treatments involve putting one or the other chemical on hair and can be detrimental in the long run. So, in order to grow thick and beautiful hair, women should rely on natural methods that can be easily followed at home. Scroll down for some effective tips for growing thicker hair naturally.

Eat Right

It is said that what we eat is reflected on the outside by the condition of our hair and skin. So, to get a thick mane, start taking a nutritious, healthy, and balanced diet from today. Your diet should be such that it supplies you - vitamins, minerals, fats, proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, fibers, iron, and other nutrients needed by your body.
Give up on fatty, oily, processed, and packaged foods. Instead, eat home-cooked healthy food. Caffeine, carbonated drinks, and alcohol are some other things that you should stay away from. Lean meats, fish, fruits, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, eggs, and whole grain should be a part of your daily diet.

Head Massage

Massage your hair with oil once a week before washing. Take a tablespoon each of coconut and olive oil and heat the mixture. Apply this mixture on your hair and scalp. Using your fingertips, massage your scalp slowly. After this, take a towel, dip it in hot water, and then wring it to remove the excess water.
Wrap your head in this wet towel and steam your hair for half an hour. Afterwards, shampoo the hair as usual. This hot oil therapy stimulates the blood circulating on the scalp, thus making your hair strong and thick.

Shampoo and Condition

Keeping the hair unclean can result in breakage and thinning. So, wash your hair every alternate day to keep it clean and dirt-free. If you have oily tresses, you should wash it every day. Preferably use a shampoo that has lesser chemicals, like a herbal shampoo.
Conditioning the hair every week helps in strengthening and making them thick too. So, invest in a good quality conditioner. Alternately, you can apply yogurt on your hair half an hour before washing. Yogurt is known to be a natural and chemical-free conditioner.

Stay Stress-free

Most of us lead very stressful lives these days, trying to balance our personal and professional lives. Stress, anxiety, depression ... if a person suffers from these, it starts showing on his/her body and hair. When you are stressed, it can often result in thinning as well as hair loss.
To avoid this, one of the effective tips that will help you with growing thick tresses and avoiding hair loss is to undertake stress management techniques on a daily basis, such as breathing exercises, meditation, and yoga. Also, sleep for seven to eight hours every night.
If you know how to manage stress, it won't affect your body and mind, and thus you will be able to avoid hair loss.

Trim and Brush

One of the most common mistakes that people make is to comb their hair when it is still wet. Little do they realize that it can break and damage the strands. So, let the hair dry naturally and then use a wide-toothed comb to brush. Trimming the hair on a regular basis is important too. Split ends should be cut every month so that only healthy part of hair remains on the head. This will automatically make your hair look thick and healthy.

Homemade Hair Masks

There are certain home remedies for thicker hair, which, if used regularly, can make the hair grow long and healthy. One such effective remedy is a hair mask prepared by mixing three egg yolks and a tablespoon each of olive oil and honey. This should be applied once a week, kept on for half an hour, and then washed off for the best results.

Avoid Chemicals

Any kind of hair treatments that involve usage of chemicals, such as coloring, straightening, curling, perming, heat styling, etc., can damage your mane in the long run. So, if you want thick tresses, avoid all such treatments and let your hair remain in its natural state.
These were some of the most useful tips on getting thicker hair naturally. If you make them a part and parcel of your everyday life, within no time you will have the lustrous and thick mane that you always desired.