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Things Your Hairdresser Won't Tell You

Malvika Kulur
There are many things that a hairdresser does not tell his clients. Intrigued to know what they are? We'll let you in on some interesting stuff.
I think the most important thing a woman can have―next to talent, of course―is her hairdresser.
―Joan Crawford
A trip to the hairdressers is an inevitable one for women, children, and men. We all need hairdressers as much as we need doctors. The hairdressing and styling business is one that is booming even during the recession. The key factor that makes a hairdresser likable (apart from skill), is his/her social networking.
We all love our hairdressers, because they are friendly, jovial, and they do not give us any attitude. But sometimes, we forget that they are people who work hard to make us look beautiful, and we take them for granted, maybe, in the smallest of ways.
When you go to a hairdresser, there are a few things that he/she does not tell you. Why? Because most of the things are supposed to be understood. They fall under the most basic etiquette that people should follow. Elaborated here are things that hairdressers won't tell you.

Musings of a Hairdresser

"I am not a psychologist."

Everyone is pally with their hairdressers, so they do end up talking. But talking about your personal and office life is not okay. Clients should remember that their hairdressers have studied hair cutting and styling, and not psychology. They are not the people that you should dump your problems on.
Discussing your problems, cribbing about your boss, husband, children, or in-laws, with your hairdresser is under no circumstances 'cool'. If these issues are bothering you to no end, talk to a professional psychologist or psychiatrist about it, and not your professional hairdresser.

"I don't remember what exactly I did with your hair last time."

Asking your hairdresser to give you exactly the same cut as your last one is a little unfair. She will not tell you this, but the thing is, she has many other clients and is cutting hair everyday.
Your hairdresser won't remember what exactly she did the last time, as it is very difficult to remember the exact cut, color, length, etc. To avoid confusion and hassles, take a picture of the haircut or style, and the next time you go to her, show it and request your hairdresser to maintain the same cut.

"I can't make you look exactly like your favorite celebrity."

If you give your hairstylist a picture of your favorite celebrity and ask her to duplicate the cut on your tresses, your hairstylist is very well equipped to do that. Unfortunately, she won't be able to make you look like a clone of the celebrity. She may also suggest a different style, keeping in mind your basic face structure and body type.
What everyone needs to remember is that hairstylists and hairdressers, at the end of the day, are beauticians, not cosmetologists. So, telling your stylist to make you look exactly like your favorite celebrity is a little unjust.

"Respect my time."

Calling up the salon asking for a last-minute appointment, or asking your hairstylist to squeeze you in between two appointments for a quick trim, is something that nobody should do. Even a quick trim requires skill and expertise, and it cannot be rushed.
When you ask to be squeezed between two appointments, you invariably make your hairstylist hurry up with other clients. You would not like the same to be done with you right? Always call up in advance and book your session. Try to arrive 5 minutes early. If you are running late, have the courtesy to call and inform. Never ever pull a no-show.

"I am a hairstylist, not a babysitter, and neither is my salon a daycare center."

Always remember that when you go to your hairdresser, you should keep your kids at home. A salon is not a place to keep kids, because it has equipment that is expensive. Your hairdresser will never tell you outright, but having kids running around, disturbing other patrons, or even just talking loudly, is not something that they want to deal with.
If you have brought your little one to the salon for his/her appointment, then you need to assist the hairdresser by making sure that your kid is not making it difficult for the stylist to cut his/her hair.

"When you say short, you need to tell me exactly how short."

Hairdressers are not mind readers, so they cannot guess how short you want your hair to be cut. You need to specifically tell or show them the length that you desire for your hair. You also need to understand that if your hairdresser chooses to cut a little more, it is probably because the extra cutting was required.
At the end of the day, you need to realize that a good, experienced hairdresser will never make a blunder with your hair, because more than making you look bad, she is worried about losing a client. So, be specific, and a go a little slow on your hairdresser, when it comes to deciding the length of your hair.

"You need to be honest with me about your hair."

If you're trying out a new salon, and are unfamiliar with the hairdresser, you need to show her your hair, and be completely honest about all the problems that you have with it. Do not be shy or scared, as hairdressers will never judge you. They see hundreds of women without an ounce of makeup, and are not really bothered, all they care about is your hair.
If you have hair-fall, dandruff, frizzy, dry, and damaged hair, you need to tell your hairdresser. You never know, she might just have the perfect solution for your hair woes.

"If I recommend products, you need to use them."

Do you always wonder why your hair looks smooth, silky and shiny after your session with your hairdresser? It is because she uses professional products that have been formulated for your hair type. These products are not available at your local stores, and need to be purchased specially from a salon.
Your hairdresser is not trying to sell you these products to earn an extra buck, they are doing so only to keep your hair manageable and beautiful, even when you do not visit the salon.

"Have faith in me, I know what I am doing."

Today, men and women are very paranoid about the way they look, and, more often than not, they end up taking out their paranoia on their hairdresser or stylist. Keep calm, and enjoy your session with your stylist, as she knows what she is doing.
For example, she recommends a particular color, one that you have never tried out, don't be afraid, as she may be suggesting that color because it may complement your skin tone, face structure, hair type, age, etc. All hairdressers want the best for their clients, so they will never intentionally recommend anything that will mar your looks.

"Please tell your friends about me and my salon."

If you are happy with the services and skill of your hairstylist, then you have to spread the word. Your stylist will never blatantly tell you to do that, but she does expect you to.
If you are happy with the services you paid for, you will tell your friends and they will try out your hairdresser, so more clients for her. Also, she will make sure that you look amazing after every visit, because you are actually advertising her skill.
Now, the next time you need to make an appointment, and go visit your hairdresser, you know exactly what you would be told and what needs to be simply understood. Even though certain things remain unsaid, being on the same page with your stylist, will, in the end, only help you walk out with a better look.