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Trendy Hairstyles for Women With Thin Hair

Right hairstyle adds texture, style and volume to the hair.
Pragya T
Very thin or fine hair can be a bit of a pain to style. However, with a good haircut, and using hairbrush and blow dryer in the right way, you can add volume to it. Also, you can use hair color to make your hair look even more fuller and great.

Different thin haircut styles and ideas

Layered Hairstyles

This is always in fashion. One can get layers that will help highlight your best facial features. Those with thin hair, can go for layered haircuts cut at the crown, the back and the sides. You can flip your hair outwards by blow drying it, which will add volume to your hair.
Layered hairstyles for men are very in. Side part your hair and cut your hair on both the sides into layers so that some hair ends cover sides of your face. This style will make your facial features stand out even more. Men can accompany their layered hairstyles with side bangs.

Bob Haircuts

Bob are classic short haircuts, which suit women with all face types. There are many variations of bobs like graduated, choppy, wedge, layered, blunt, angel, etc. These are also the least maintenance haircuts.
If you get a blunt bob, blow dry your hair by combing your hair inside, so that the lower part always look full of volume. Go for side sweeping or blunt bangs. These styles for older women look great, can be worn to the office.

Unisex Choppy Haircuts

Choppy haircuts are a great thin hairstyles. They can go with practically any hair type, length and face type. You can go for these styles on any existing haircut or your plain blunt cut hair.
To go for choppy haircuts, one needs to work on all hair strands. To cut your hair choppy, hold a strand of your hair at a 45 degree angle, then tilt the scissor and make a cut. This way, cut all the hair strands, and maintain different lengths of the hair strands to give it a choppy look.

Hairstyling Tips

To style your hair, first apply a hair volumizing serum from your hair roots to tips. Then bend over and use a hairbrush by combing your hair in an opposite direction, which is from the nape of your neck towards the forehead.
Then face the mirror and part your hair, and adjust the hair strands according to your haircut. To maintain these haircuts, you will need to visit a stylist every 6-8 weeks.
If you have naturally thin hair, then you can follow the tips and make your hair look thicker and great. However, if you are suffering from hair fall, then get an appointment of an experienced trichologist (doctor who specializes in hair loss prevention), to get your problem treated.