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Styling Tips for Thick Frizzy Hair

Aastha Dogra
If you have thick frizzy hair that always seems unmanageable and rather wild, then we can help you. Here are a few styling tips that can help maintain such hair, and give you a stylish look as well.
Managing thick frizzy hair can be quite a challenge. Some people are born it, while some acquire it using wrong hair products which contain strong chemicals. Lack of hair care and not moisturizing the hair regularly are some of the other reasons behind frizzy hair.
Long-term usage of hair straighteners, flat irons, hair curling rods, and blow dryers can make the hair frizzy too. If you have frizzy hair and are looking for ways to manage, style, cut, and maintain it, then here are some easy-to-follow tips for you.


Excessive use of shampoos with harsh chemicals can make the hair dry and frizzy. In order to avoid that, use milder shampoos. In fact, the best shampoo is the one which contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E instead of chemicals.
Also when washing the hair, it is recommended that you dilute the shampoo with a small quantity of water, prior to applying. This way the shampoo does not come in direct contact with the scalp and hair, and hence, the drying effects of the shampoo are minimized.


Thick frizzy hair has to be deep conditioned every week in order to moisturize the hair. Instead of using the conditioners that are available in the market , you can make your own hair conditioner for dry hair.
Simply mix two egg yolks with two tablespoons of olive oil, and apply this mixture on the hair. Leave it on for half an hour and then wash off with cold water. Regular conditioning can make the hair soft and manageable.


Massaging with natural oils, such as olive oil, can help make your hair manageable as well. One of the most effective is massaging with olive oil and honey. In a bowl, mix two tablespoons of olive oil with one tablespoon of honey.
Now with your fingertips, massage this mixture in your hair using a circular motion for about fifteen minutes. Post massaging, wrap your head with a towel soaked in warm water. Leave it on for half an hour and then wash off. Such hair masks help in moisturizing and conditioning, thus leaving the hair soft and manageable.


Since thick frizzy hair can be quite difficult to manage, it is advisable that you opt for a hairstyle which is 'low-maintenance'. While choosing haircuts, women should stick to hairstyles which support short hair.
If, however, you have wavy or curly hair, it is recommended that the length of the hair should be till the shoulder as wavy and curly hair do not look good if short.


To style frizzy hair, we would recommend a greasy substance known as 'pomade' which is available in most stores. Pomade is made up of olive oil, petroleum jelly, and wax. It does not contain any chemicals, and hence, does not dry out the hair either, unlike the styling gels and sprays available in the market.
One last tip, be happy with whatever kind of hair you have and do not try to straighten it, as the straightening treatments can make your hair even more dry.