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Tips for Choosing the Right Mascara

Kritika Parwani
With a wide variety of choices, it often becomes challenging to choose the best mascara for you. However, by knowing the types that are available and for what they are used for, along with a few basic tips, you will be able to understand how to pick out the one that is suitable for you.
Perhaps the most defining feature of any woman are her eyes. And maybe that is why they always take extra time for doing their eye makeup. For any eye makeup to be complete, the most important part is applying the mascara.
Sure the eye shadow and eyeliner enhance the look of the eyes, but it is only the mascara that can give the eyes the finish one seeks. However, when it comes to picking out the best one from the wide variety of beauty products available, most of us often find it challenging.
The right one is not based upon what is the best brand available or what your friends think is best for them. It should be based on the type of eyelashes you have and the requirements to enhance them.
There are a lot of things you have to take into consideration while selecting the same, like the brush, the ingredients, the color, and most importantly the type. Though all this can sound overwhelming, it is actually quite easy, once you understand the basics.
Just like each of us have different skin types, we also have different types of eyelashes. For example, some of us have short eyelashes and others have long ones, while there are others with the less volume ones. Thus, the type of this cosmetic that may be excellent for some, may not suit all. Here is some information on few types.

Lengthening Mascara

This is the type that works to add length to the existing lashes. This is one of the good choices for short or sparse eyelashes that could use extra definition. To create the most length, the user must apply at least two coats of it to the lashes.
Furthermore, it is specially designed to add length or create the illusion of length to improve short and straight lashes. This is because longer lashes create an attractive frame for the eyes and draw more attention towards them.
Most lengthening types also have volumizing and curl-holding properties, so your eyelashes not only look longer, but fuller and more beautifully shaped.

Volumizing Mascara

This is the perfect choice for creating fullness. Though, many people mistake volume for length, with this type the end result would be thicker and fuller eyelashes. Thickening types contain a thicker formula of silicone polymers and waxes that coat lashes and make them look fuller.
The correct way of using it is to apply at least two coats moving back and forth to ensure that it is applied to the sides of each lash. Be careful though and apply it with a light hand, to avoid that 1960s Twiggy look.

Waterproof Mascara

This is one of the most common and popular choices. It contains unique synthetic formulas that are designed to repel moisture and are non-smudging. If you want to avoid smudging and others such problems, then is a good choice.
However, it is important to keep in mind that this type can be very hard on your eyelashes and makes them fragile over time. Also, it is very hard to take off and requires oil-based makeup remover and the constant scrubbing around the eyes can cause the skin around the same to sag over time.

Non-Clumping Mascara

Many of us face the problem of clumping while applying this cosmetic. If you also face the same problem then this is the right choice for you. The reason that this type does not clump is because it contains extracts from silk, making it one of the best choices. Also, the wand is generally longer, so that you can apply the same in long even strokes.
The aforementioned types are the ones that are available in the market. If you are still confused, then you can take professional help from any makeup artist or visit a branded show room. Choosing the right one would help enhance your eyes and make them look bigger and more beautiful.