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Types and Benefits of Tea Tree Oil Soap

Girija Shinde
Soap made of tea tree oil is available in different forms with effective anti-bacterial properties. Read about the different types, and their respective benefits.
Tea tree oil is also called 'first aid kit in a bottle'. It is an effective antibiotic used to heal acne, dandruff, ringworm, cough, flu, and it helps in pain resistance.
It can also be used as an air disinfectant. It smells like any other medicinal antibiotic and evaporates easily. However, one should always keep in mind that it is toxic if ingested. Generally, it is used to make soap and bath products.

Types and Benefits

Face Washes

There are a variety of face washes available in the market. Tea tree oil is very effective in treating acne and skin infections. You can also mix a few drops of this oil in your regular face wash before using it.
It helps in reducing the acne causing bacteria. One should avoid using products containing chemicals like sodium lauryth sulfate and sodium laurel sulfate, as they dry out and harm sensitive skin.

Hand Soap

Tea tree oil soaps are preferred over others, because they are made of natural substances and help in fighting germs, the MRSA virus and bacteria too. It is better to buy this soap or you can also mix a few drops of this oil in liquid hand washes.

Aromatherapy Soap

Aromatherapy consists of use of fragrances and aromas which change the mood and behavior of a particular person. These soaps are also considered to be aromatherapy soaps, due to the essential oils present in them.

Moisturizing soap

You will also find moisturizing soaps containing tea tree oil. Moisturizing soaps have certain soothing agents which help in skin hydration and oil balance. You can also opt for a soap which contains coconut oil, which is a good soothing agent.

Laundry Soaps

Tea tree oil can also be used on clothes .You can buy the oil which is low priced and add a few drops while washing clothes. It will revive your clothes and also help in removing bacteria, fungus, and bad odor.

Natural Soaps

Lavender soap and tea tree oil is a combination, which is commonly found in the market. It calms the body and mind.

Tea tree oil shampoos

These have anti fungal properties, which help in reducing dandruff and head lice. Avoid using shampoos containing sodium lauryth sulfate and sodium laurel sulfate as they can have side effects like formation of pustules, eczema, and irritation.

The Recipe

Natural Glycerin Soap

  • 2 tablespoons tea tree oil
  • 2 cups of glycerin soap base.
Melt the glycerin soap base in a double heater. Mix it with tea tree oil. Pour it in a mold. Keep the temperature low to avoid giving it a doughy appearance. You can find glycerin soap base at any departmental or drug store. It is a good moisturizing agent. You can pack the soap in plastic after it is made.
There are many benefits of this soap, out of which, the one for acne is most popular. You can try these effective tea tree oil products, for beautiful and healthy skin.