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Tanning Tips for Fair Skinned People

While we know the dangers of sun exposure, it doesn't stop us from wanting a beautiful tan skin tone. These tanning tips speak about how to get a safe tan.
Marian K
With the approach of summer, most people want to be able to flaunt a healthy bronze skin. However, if your idea of achieving a tan is sun bathing for several hours or making a visit to a tanning salon, you may develop skin that appears healthy, but in truth has been damaged.
The United States Department of Health and Human Services and the International Agency of Research on Cancer panel has declared ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun and artificial sources, such as tanning beds and sun lamps, to be carcinogens (cancer-causing substances).
Be aware that there are no "safe" sunbeds. They may claim to use only UVA light, however, know that it is equally damaging. This method of tanning is not safe even with the use of tanning bed lotions for fair skin.
If you are serious about protecting your skin, but still yearn for a tan, the best solution is to opt for products that can provide a sun-free safe tan. This means that you don't use harmful sun lamps or tanning beds.

Different Alternative Methods


Among the tanning tips for fair skinned people, the best and safest method to go bronze is to use a self-tanner. These lotions contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA), which slowly stain the dead cells on the outer layer of a person's skin.
Your options include sprays, lotions, and towelettes. The "tan" lasts as long these skin cells are still on your body. For this reason, exfoliating or vigorously washing should be avoided for they will make the color fade faster. You can expect this type of tan to last from a couple of days to a week.
One way to go about it is to try out a few brands, till you settle on the one that looks best on your skin tone. Tanning tips for men also advocated this method as the best way for a guy to get a tan. It is, especially advantageous for men who turn pink, not brown, after sun exposure.

Moisturizer with Tanner

For a cost-effective quick fix (that can't go wrong), try a moisturizer that contains a little bit of fake tanner. This way you can avoid blotches and staining, as well as that smell that many find unpleasant.
When you use any kind of self-tanner, it is a good idea to rope in some additional help. Get a friend to apply the product over spots you can't reach, like your back, so that the resulting color is even, all over. And don't forget to wash your palms and soles of your feet (parts that don't tan), or they will end up looking muddy.

Airbrush Tan

Among the tanning tips for beginners, the best way to get perfect results, is to get an airbrush tan at a salon. The technician at the salon will attach a DHA solution to a spray compressor, and evenly coat you with the solution.
The process usually takes between 5 seconds to 1 minute, and your eyes, lips, and nose are to be covered during the process. It will take a few hours after the application for your tan to become visible. A word of advice, exfoliating before self-tanning or airbrush tanning will get you better results.
For those who turn a deaf ear and still choose tanning as an option, here are some tanning tips for fair skin:
  • While tanning, ensure that you use a sunscreen that blocks both UVA and UVB rays. Search for broad-spectrum sunscreens, as they comprise additional active ingredients. The best kinds are those that are also hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic, which will reduce the chances of a rash or acne.
  • Apply a generous amount (read thick layer) of sunscreen for adequate protection. If you do not get the full SPF protection, the whole objective of using sunscreen will be defeated.
  • To attain maximum benefit, apply whatever 15 to 30 minutes before exposure, and follow that up with another application 15 to 30 minutes after being exposed to the sun. If you perform any activity that will make you sweat heavily or cause the sunscreen to get rubbed off, or go swimming, slap on another layer.
  • Your eyes also need protection, so wear a pair of anti-UV sunglasses, which can provide almost 100% protection against ultraviolet radiation entering the eyes. If possible, also wear a hat.
If you want a natural tan, be aware that to achieve temporary results, you will cause lasting damage to your skin. It is a known fact that exposure to sun causes skin to age. Instead, follow these tanning tips and get a fairly natural looking tan along with beautiful skin for years to come.