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Surprising Ingredients for Hair Health

Craig Middleton
If you are looking for natural ways to make your hair look and feel its healthiest, you may benefit from incorporating foods into your diet and hair care regimen that are rich in nutrients and vitamins. Here are some of the best ingredients for your hair.


Egg yolk has been known to be one of the best ingredients to help with hair growth and health for almost a thousand years. Egg yolk contains sulfur, which is an ingredient that has been shown to be wonderful for your hair growth and slowing down hair loss.
Also, it has a good amount of protein, which makes the hair shiny so that it appears more healthy. Egg yolk contains lecithin, a fat beneficial as a moisturizer that can restore vitality to dull and dry hair. When you apply egg yolk to your hair, mix in with some lemon juice to cut through the scent, and leave in your strands for twenty minutes.


Surprisingly, onion for hair growth is one of the less known but effective methods that can be applied directly to the scalp. The best way is by extracting onion juice. Even though onion is known for its potent smell, it should fade from your hair few hours after you apply the juice to your scalp and rinse.
If the smell still lingers, do a quick rinse with lemon juice. Onions are good for treating hair loss that has been caused by scalp conditions, as it has anti-fungal properties which can be useful for treating infections. For a natural combatant against balding, try applying onion juice to your scalp regularly.


Though it cannot be directly applied to the hair, consuming more spinach is good for many health benefits, one being to increase the well being of your hair. Leafy green vegetables, including spinach, contain impressive amounts of antioxidants, which support a healthy scalp and prevent hair damage.
Additionally, high number of vitamins and nutrients in spinach are all good for hair growth, which include Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and many B complex vitamins. Try adding spinach to your diet to improve your hair, as well as other advantages.


Salmon is a heavy hitter in terms of hair health, as it contains high amounts of protein and healthy fats. Eating plenty of salmon and other fish containing omega threes and omega sixes can keep your hair moisturized, as well as contribute to a well cared scalp.
A moisturized scalp is just as important as keeping your strands from drying out, as it can contribute to healthy growth which will prevent breakage overall. Eating foods like salmon on a regular basis can have a hugely positive impact on your hair looking its best.


Not only are almonds very healthy and a great addition to add to your diet, but they can also give your hair a boost as well. An important nutrient that most people do not get nearly enough of is magnesium, which is present in almonds. Magnesium can assist in preventing hair loss and promote hair growth. If you do not like eating almonds,
You can apply a form of it typically, such as almond oil, as a natural way to moisturize your scalp and hair strands. It is recommended that if you benefit this way, you should treat your hair with almond oil once a week for best results.
Having healthy hair naturally does not have to be difficult. With these solutions, you are guaranteed to keep your locks looking luscious and beautiful, without spending a lot of money on expensive products from the hair salon.